25 October 2023

Site Manager Apprenticeships

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Want to work in construction, but on the supervising side of things? That’s great – because you’ll absolutely love an apprenticeship in site management.

Site managers are the eagle eyes of the construction sector. They look after construction sites and make sure projects are running smoothly and according to budget. 

From quality control to health and safety checks, you’ll play a huge role in monitoring staff performance and ensuring targets are met. Not only that – you’ll earn a salary and bag yourself some fantastic qualifications too.

See yourself on Aston Villa’s 50,000 capacity stadium expansion project? Or revamping Liverpool Street Station with a hotel, sky garden and open-air heated pool? Read on to learn about site manager apprenticeships. 

And how you can get your career off to a flying start.

Can you do a site manager apprenticeship?

Yes, you can. Apprenticeships are a brilliant way into the construction industry, with lots of employers offering school leavers the chance to break in via this route. 

With an apprenticeship, you’ll earn while you learn. One moment you’ll be shadowing site managers in the running of their teams, and the next heading off to college where you’ll be putting your knowledge into practice and studying towards a real qualification. 

Key on-the-job responsibilities include: 

  • Writing reports 
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Conducting safety checks 
  • Securing permits and licenses 
  • Ensuring client specifications and requirements are aligned
  • Working with quantity surveyors on budgeting and costs

What qualifications do you need to be a site manager?

To qualify as a site manager, you’ll need at least:

  • Five GCSEs graded at 9 – 4 (A* – C), including english and maths AND
  • Two A-Levels or a BTEC 

Entry level

If you’re new to the industry, you could start your career as a Level 2 apprentice technician, collecting concrete samples from building sites and analysing them in labs. From there, you can work your way up to becoming a site manager.  

Level 2 apprenticeships are the first step on the work ladder and don’t usually have entry requirements. But this varies from employer to employer. So it’s good to check the job description first before sending off your application. 

Want to know what one apprentice had to say about their Level 2 apprenticeship at Tarmac?

“I have developed lots of skills including getting better at meeting new people as I meet lots of people every day. I have also learnt about concrete and how to test it which is absolutely vital for my job role and will help me in the future.”

(Apprentice Technician, Tarmac)

Higher and degree apprenticeships

Site manager apprenticeships are available at higher and degree level. So if you’ve already got GCSEs and A Levels, and a hunger for success, you can jump straight into one.

Barratt Developments have a great programme where you’ll work on huge construction projects from smart city flats to plush family homes, helping to manage them to completion. If you enjoy challenging schedules and working towards tight deadlines, you’ll have a blast on it.

Once you’ve finished your higher apprenticeship, you’ll automatically qualify for their degree programme. Experience trumps everything. So if you’ve worked in construction before or gained skills from the Armed Forces, you’ll still be considered for a degree apprenticeship.

Even if you don’t have formal qualifications.


When applying for site manager roles, remember to highlight these skills on your CV as employers will go bananas for them! 

  • Communication – to speak to different people, from subcontractors to the public
  • Leadership – to motivate and manage teams
  • Problem solving – to think of efficient and logical solutions to everyday problems 
  • IT – to operate special construction management software.

Want to know what apprenticeships in construction are really like? Browse over 40,000 student written reviews to find an employer and scheme that’s right for you.

How long are site manager apprenticeships?

Site manager apprenticeships are three years long. This includes an End Point Assessment (EPA) which you’ll take at the end of your programme to ensure you’ve developed all the skills that were required during your apprenticeship.

What is the minimum wage for an apprentice?

Not to blow our own trumpet too much, but we think apprenticeships are pretty great  – not only because of the experience they give, but the pay too. 

Once you start your programme, you’ll earn the National Minimum Wage. Currently, this stands at £5.28 per hour. But it’s set to rise each year.

Here’s the best bit. Once you’ve finished your scheme and become a fully qualified site manager, you could be taking home an average salary of £52,000 a year, which could go up to £64,000 when you’re a senior. 

Way to boss it!