20 June 2024

5 Reasons Why A Degree Apprenticeship Will Land You A Job

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Degree apprenticeships are so worth it. You get to absorb an elite tier of knowledge while working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree and earning a salary. Truly spoiled.

But what happens once you’re finished, and will it really get you a job? Long story short, absolutely.

Read on for five reasons why a degree apprenticeship will land you the job you want. 

You’ll use learned skills in real life

You can read every book, attend every lecture, and absorb every piece of information available until you turn into Megamind (minus becoming blue). But what’s the point if you’re never able to use it all?

This is where a degree apprenticeship comes into play. Think of it as a bridge between academic learning and real-world application. During the university portion of your apprenticeship, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge in your chosen field. But unlike a traditional university experience, you won’t just be learning in a classroom.

With a degree apprenticeship, you’ll also work, using that knowledge directly in the workplace. You’ll apply theories to real-world problems, learn practical skills, and understand the ins and outs of your industry. It’s an opportunity to integrate learning and working, theory and practice.

Heard all about degree apprenticeships but unsure what they are?

You’ll expand your professional network

It’s a little cliché, but in the world of work, who you know is often as important as what you know, and a degree apprenticeship is an excellent way to start building those crucial connections.

You’ll meet and work very closely with many people during your apprenticeship. Building connections with these people is always a good idea because having friendly faces at work is always good. But these connections can turn into meaningful professional relationships.

Your colleagues may become mentors, collaborators, or even future employers.

“I enjoy it a lot, it has provided me with so many different experiences and opportunities that have really helped me to build on my soft skills, as well as technical industry knowledge. I have made lots of connections and friends which plays a big part in enjoying the program.”

Cross Functional Degree Apprentice, Cisco

You’re getting loads of work experience

Degree apprenticeships last three to six years, meaning you’ll have years of work experience before most people. Almost six years of work at one company will look really impressive to an employer. To them it means;

  • Company loyalty
  • You have years of industry knowledge
  • You’re more than capable of getting the job done.

An apprenticeship is not the kind of scheme where you can get away with photocopying documents and taking the office coffee order. You’ll have real responsibility from the day you join.

During your apprenticeship, you will have plenty of opportunities to try everything, from assisting on various projects to actually leading them.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something new or develop on an existing skill. Every project I have worked on has taught me something as each job is different, you work with different contractors and have different aspects of construction within it. By working with different trades and different companies you get the ability to learn more in depth detail about their line of work as they all explain things differently. Once you have a basic grasp of something you are then able to ask more detailed questions to get a better understanding.”

Construction Manager, Mace

You could get a job offer from your current employer

Yup! 90% of apprentices go into work or further work experience, with around two-thirds of apprentices being offered a permanent role by their employer.

You’ve spent the better part of five years with your employer. You know the role, industry, and workplace like the dialogue in every Naruto episode. It makes sense, right?

Even if your current employer isn’t able to keep you on, don’t panic! You’ll be so work-ready that you’ll be snapped up very quickly after your degree apprenticeship.

You’ll boost your employability with industry-recognised accreditation

In fact, you’ll find that a lot of degree apprenticeships come with accreditation. These are super useful because they align you with a professional body, come with a truckload of benefits and earn you general bragging rights.

For example, if you’ve decided that chartered surveying is your wheelhouse, you’ll work towards becoming a chartered member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). Membership to the RICS has lots to offer. Including,

  • Professional guidance from industry experts
  • Access to international recruiters and employers
  • Lots of networking opportunities
  • Benefits Plus (wellbeing support, access to a chartered accountant and sustainability initiatives).

You can still become a member even if you’re not on an accredited apprenticeship. They’ll need proof that you’re working towards a qualification in their industry. Always check your course details to confirm.

There are plenty more reasons why degree apprenticeships are fantastic for your career. Why not have a look and see what’s available? Click below to get started.