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When you sign up to RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, you permit us to share your information across the RMP Enterprise group. Your data will not be shared with any third-parties without your permission.


- The review must have at least 8 comments and contain what we would class as a significant volume of constructive comments alongside the ratings. Therefore this should be a minimum of 50 words per answer in order to qualify for the incentive. The real value of a review clearly lies in the comments submitted alongside the ratings, therefore to qualify for the incentive, the review must contain sufficient levels of comments.

- You must only submit a review if you are doing so entirely freely, with no-one (including your company) having mandated you or forced you in any way to write anything specific. By uploading your contribution and accepting these terms and conditions, you confirm that your contribution is true, accurate, is your own opinion and is derived from your personal experience.

- Once you submit your review for moderation, you agree to the review being set live anonymously onto the RateMyApprenticeship website. This review then becomes property of the RateMyApprenticeship website and will only be removed at the discretion of the Review Moderation team.

- Reviews must be civil and tasteful.

- No disruptive, offensive or abusive content: contributions must be constructive and polite, not mean-spirited or contributed with the intention of causing trouble.

- Reviews must contain no unlawful or objectionable content: unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable material is not acceptable.

- If you use multiple logins for the purpose of disrupting RateMyApprenticeship you may have action taken against your accounts.

- No spamming or off-topic material; we don't allow the submission of the same or very similar contributions many times.

- No advertising

- No impersonation

- Deliberate misuse of the review or contact us facility is not permitted. If you persist in doing this action may be taken against your account.

- A member of the RateMyApprenticeship team will moderate and approve all reviews prior to the review being set live on the website. We reserve the right to publish, edit or not publish any review that is submitted, for any reason. We will under no circumstances enter into discussion to justify our decision.

- Reviews will remain anonymous however we reserve the right to contact the user if questions arise regarding a review.

DISCLAIMER: The reviews and views expressed on RateMyApprenticeship do not reflect the views and opinions of RMP Enterprise Ltd. They belong to members of the public regardless of whether or not they pass our moderation process.


We advise that you never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example: telephone number, home address or email address), and please do not include postal addresses of any kind. If you have any helpful information to share that may be deemed confidential, please inform RateMyApprenticeship using the 'Contact Us' link, and they will promote it if they see fit.


RateMyApprenticeship moderates all reviews that are submitted. If you fail to abide by these rules (and/or any variations in the relevant local house rules) when reviewing a work placement or using RateMyApprenticeship, you will be sent an e-mail which informs you why your contribution has not been accepted. This mail will also include a warning that continuing to break the rules may result in action being taken against your account. This action may include a temporary or permanent suspension of your ability to participate in any or all areas of RateMyApprenticeship.

If you post or send offensive or inappropriate content anywhere on or to RateMyApprenticeship or otherwise engage in any disruptive behavior RateMyApprenticeship, and RateMyApprenticeship considers such behavior to be serious and/or repeated, RateMyApprenticeship may use whatever information that is available to it about you to stop any further such infringements.

RateMyApprenticeship reserves the right to delete any review, or take action against any account, at any time, for any reason.

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