26 October 2023

Apprenticeships In Sport Coaching

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Did you know that David Beckham started his career with an apprenticeship? If you’re a team player with a passion for sports and helping others succeed no matter their age or abilities, sport coaching apprenticeships are the perfect place to hit the ground running.   

Not only will you support your team in developing key skills and techniques, you’ll identify their strengths and weaknesses, create training programmes, and help to improve their performance through constant encouragement and feedback.

Ready to mentor a whole new generation of sports stars?! Read this blog to learn about apprenticeships in sport coaching and how to bag yourself one.

Can you do an apprenticeship in sports coaching?

You sure can! If you’re interested in doing a sport coaching apprenticeship, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16 – 24
  • Living in England
  • Not in full-time education

Apprenticeships allow you to earn a real wage while continuing with your education after you leave school. As an apprentice, you’ll spend most of your week at work and one day at college studying towards industry recognised qualifications equivalent to GCSEs, A-Levels or a degree. 

Depending on your employer, you’ll work with school groups, sports clubs or kids with special educational needs. But your responsibilities will more or less be the same. 

So anything – from planning activities to shadowing experienced coaches and inspiring students to develop healthy, active lifestyles – is legit when you’re training to be a sports coach.  

Hear what this apprentice had to say about their coaching programme at Coach Core

The team is really passionate and lovely, and they care. They put so much effort into our development and you don’t feel like a number or a way to receive funding from the government. My mentor is fantastic and he gives us all so much encouragement. I can’t wait to start my Level 3 with them!”

(Community Activator Coach, Coach Core)

What qualifications do you need to become a sports coach?

To become a certified sports coach, you’ll need a Level 4 qualification.

Apprenticeships come in levels. A bit like shiny Olympic medals. So if you’re a school leaver who’s just starting out, you’ll be on a Level 2 apprenticeship (bronze). These apprenticeships:

  • Take 12 – 18 months to complete
  • Help you develop movement and sport specific skills
  • Are the equivalent of getting five GCSEs graded at 9 to 4 (or A* – C)

The more experience you gain, the further up the sporting ladder you’ll climb. Until you reach the (gold) Level 4 apprenticeship. These apprenticeships:

  • Take 1 – 4 years to complete
  • Prepare you to work as a PE teacher in schools
  • Are equivalent to the first year of an Undergraduate degree

“I have developed my confidence when leading a session, my communication skills and my knowledge of different sports. I have also developed my discipline and my ability to take control of larger groups. Other skills I have developed include my time management, my planning and my overall organisation skills.”

(Community Activator Coach, Street League)

Here’s the sort of career progression that apprenticeships in sport coaching offer:

  • Level 2 – Community Activator Coach
  • Level 3 – Personal Trainer / Community Sport and Health Officer
  • Level 4 – Sports Coach

What skills do sports coaches need?

Coaching may sound like fun and games. But it has its challenges too. To succeed, you’ll need stamina to reach those highs and overcome those lows when a defeat kicks in.

So make sure you’ve got these skills as polished as your fab new pair of shoes!

  • Analysis – to monitor your athletes’ performance and come up with a strategy to help them improve their game
  • Communication – to get your message across clearly and concisely, so it’s digestible
  • Organisation – to plan and deliver sessions, as well as enrolling athletes in competitions
  • Leadership – to manage large and small teams, and deal with different group dynamics
  • Inspirational – to serve as a role model for those you mentor, encouraging and motivating them to be the best version of themselves each and every day.

Want to know what apprenticeships in sport coaching are really like? Browse over 40,000 student written reviews to find your dream scheme and role. 

How much do sports coaches get paid?

When it comes to wages, you’ve got salaries and you’ve got salaries. Apprenticeships let you earn while you learn. So while you’ll bring home an impressive £18,000 a year as a newly qualified sports coach, with experience this could shoot up to £28,000.

Now, imagine being Gareth Southgate and bagging a whopping £4.9 million a year. 

That’s £18,000 a day. £94,000 a week. £408,000 a month.

National Minimum Wage

Remember, your salary depends on your employer and apprenticeship level. However, you’ll still earn the National Minimum Wage. That’s the minimum hourly wage that all employees get, which tends to increase each year in April. Phew.

Coaches aren’t just teachers. They’re mentors, family and friends. They’ll celebrate your wins, share your knockbacks and root for you right ‘til the very end.

Ready to find your next Harry Kane and lead them to scoring victory? Browse away and find your apprenticeship today. You never know – it may just change your life.