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School Leaver Programme
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Store and Logistic Apprenticeships

Come on, answer honestly. Are you a ‘Can do’ kind of person? Or an ‘Uggghhh, if I really have to’ sort of character? The first will do very well at Aldi. The second wouldn’t make it past the car park.

We have excellent opportunities for Apprentices to join our Store or Logistics programmes. It’s not just about financial gain. We can help young people build their character and their confidence, and there’s a clear path to progression. In fact, it’s the kind of springboard that takes ambitious school leavers all the way to Store or Logistics Management.

About us

Aldi is one of the most reputable retailers in the global business market today. With a simple goal of providing great value and quality, using leaner and smarter business processes, we’re a supermarket that’s getting it right. We’re winning all kinds of awards and new stores are springing up all over the country as we rapidly increase our market share.

The things that make us a great retailer, also make us a great employer. There’s a real sense of clarity: everyone knows what’s expected of them and they can see how their efforts fit into the bigger picture. We’re a very responsible company, always treating our people with decency and respect. Progression is based on merit and it’s easy to see how you can achieve personal success. And, perhaps more importantly, we’re really open. Open to fresh ideas and new perspectives that will help us to become even better. It’s a fantastic place for young people who are willing to work hard and learn from the very best.

Stores Programme

You might be surprised to learn that some of the most successful people in retail today started off as Apprentices. It’s all about spotting potential and providing the right people with the right environment to develop a practical, usable skillset. With hard work, ambition and the ability to apply yourself to any challenge, you could make it all the way to Store Management.

Logistics Programme

Basically, Retail Logistics is all about the flow of goods between suppliers and customers. It’s an incredibly fascinating, complex process and if you want to learn the ins and outs, then this is the programme for you. At Aldi you’ll see retail working at its very best, and you’ll be discovering all the techniques and challenges from some of the most talented logistics people around. During the structured career path there are some real goals to aim for and some exciting opportunities to be had.

Both Programmes are three years long, with a good hourly salary and the opportunity to join our team on a permanent basis upon successful completion. Many of our Apprentices like the fact that they join a really productive and efficient team, with a great atmosphere and supportive management to answer any questions or offer advice. Throughout your time on the programme, you'll see how you can step up, and how your efforts are helping you and the business to thrive.

Latest Reviews from Aldi

  • Management Apprentice Scheme

    Work at Aldi consists of multiple roles during day-to-day work. One minute I could be operating a till whilst the next I could be under a tight time restriction to work a delivery. My job is to work quick and efficiently, whilst also maintaining the highest level of customer service....

    9.2 /10
  • Apprentice

    when I first start on a morning I have to go to the department Im on and press the button. then I do the task im given for the day. my responsibility's at the moment on the Racking team are the make sure the racking is not damages, the palates are in the right slot and to see if the reach truck driv...

    9 /10
  • Apprentice

    My role differs depending on what department I am based in as there are several departments in the warehouse. The current department I am in is cleaning and this consists of stripping the plastic and cardboard of the products so it makes life easier for the pickers and they have a better chance of a...

    8.1 /10

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