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About PwC

You’re studying at college or sixth form, but there’s also a lot of focus on what’s next. We know you have career goals and ambitions. But do you decide to start your career or go to university? Perhaps you want to explore new opportunities. You know you have to start work at some point, but when is the right time, and what is the right path? Whatever you choose, it has to be right for you. Whether you’re ready for a career right now, or in a few years, we’ve got real opportunities for those who want to learn, adapt, be challenged and grow. No matter what your background.

Who we are

We're one of the world's leading professional services organisations. We tackle lots of different issues for loads of different organisations, entrepreneurs and private businesses. We help with big deals and big changes to their structures and businesses. We advise on many financial issues that impact their business including tax, auditing and the controls in place to ensure their business is operating effectively. We make sure they’re getting the most out of their IT, helping them plan ahead to manage risk, make sure they’re sustainable, and profitable.

Choose the route that’s right for you

Traditionally, there’s has only been one route when school comes to an end. University. Degree. Career. But things have changed. The world of business is changing, and there are now many professional opportunities available to you straight out of school. Get your career off to a Head Start by joining one of our School or college leaver programmes. You’ll earn a competitive salary while you study towards a professional qualification. Just like our graduate joiners, you’ll learn on-the-job and build the in-depth knowledge you need to progress through our business. At the same time, thanks to our study support, you won’t need to worry about paying for course and exam fees, textbooks or revision materials.

If you’re in year 12*, join our Business Insight Week or Big Data Summer Camp to find out more about us.

If you want to go to university, one of our Flying Start degree programmes offer a traditional university experience as a full-time student, making new friends, having new experiences and generally enjoying university life. But you’ll also benefit from paid work experience and training with us. You can choose to study Accounting, Actuarial Science, Business or Technology.

If you’ve decided to go to university to study a subject you love, then you’ll be able to discover what a career with us is all about and start developing your employability skills through our undergraduate work experience programmes. Ranging from 1 day – 11 months, they could lead to a job offer with us.

If you want to join us as a graduate there are plenty of business areas open to you. You’ll join a structured graduate programme, which will give you the training and development you need to shine and make a difference to your clients.

Ways to meet us

You can find out more information about PwC and our opportunities for school and college leavers by attending one of our Office Open Events or Virtual Events. We’ll be running events throughout the year at our offices across the UK.

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