Latest Reviews from Goldman Sachs

  • Software Engineer

    On a day-to-day basis, you will be involved with certain projects that you have been assigned to which usually consists of: - Meetings with stakeholders - Designing - Developing As a result of this, you typically have a lot of responsibility regardless of being an apprentice and therefore sh...

    9.8 /10
  • Apprentice

    This apprentice scheme is mainly about learning so this is kept in mind when deciding projects to work on. When I get in I tend to plan my day, look through my emails and make a list of tasks that I intend to complete for the day. For most of my time I work on any projects or tasks that are assi...

    9 /10
  • Technology Apprentice

    My time is split three days a week at work and two at University. At work, I work on various software engineering projects within my team. This involves coding, design and infrastructure work. I am also involved in side-projects, such as assisting in the organisation of training sessions for the app...

    8.9 /10