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Programmes Offered: Degree Apprenticeship
Industry: Banking

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At Goldman Sachs, your skills and experiences will create a world of possibilities for our clients. From the latest IPO and market insights to investments in clean energy and infrastructure, each one of our teams contributes to innovations that drive progress around the world.

You’ll work alongside industry experts and strategic thinkers at all levels, gaining hands-on experience unlike anywhere else. All at a place where your ideas matter and your personal and professional growth are front of mind.

Goldman Sachs is structured in a series of divisions: Engineering, Executive Office, Finance, Global Compliance, Global Investment Research, Consumer and Commercial Banking, Human Capital Management, Internal Audit, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Legal, Merchant Banking, Operations, Realty Management, Risk, Securities and Services.

From your first day, you will be immersed in a collaborative environment with people of all levels who share the firm’s values. Nearly everyone – from our junior analysts to our most senior leaders – is actively involved in recruiting talented people from a variety of backgrounds, because we recognise that a diverse workforce enables us to serve our clients most effectively and in the most innovative ways.

The diversity of talents and educational backgrounds in our people is crucial to our performance and business success. To that end, we are committed to an environment that values diversity, promotes inclusion and encourages teamwork.

Whatever your background or area of academic study, we value the intellect, personality and integrity of an individual. While an interest in and appreciation for finance is important, one’s personal qualities are key.

Come embrace the opportunity to move industries, make markets and empower communities.

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  • Software Engineer

    On a day-to-day basis, you will be involved with certain projects that you have been assigned to which usually consists of: - Meetings with stakeholders - Designing - Developing As a result of this, you typically have a lot of responsibility regardless of being an apprentice and therefore sh...

    9.8 /10
  • Apprentice

    This apprentice scheme is mainly about learning so this is kept in mind when deciding projects to work on. When I get in I tend to plan my day, look through my emails and make a list of tasks that I intend to complete for the day. For most of my time I work on any projects or tasks that are assi...

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  • Technology Apprentice

    My time is split three days a week at work and two at University. At work, I work on various software engineering projects within my team. This involves coding, design and infrastructure work. I am also involved in side-projects, such as assisting in the organisation of training sessions for the app...

    8.9 /10

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