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We are Government Social Research (GSR), the professional body for social researchers in the Civil Service. Our social researchers study and analyse various aspects of society, like peopleʼs behaviour, opinions, and needs. This then helps the government make informed decisions. Social researchers in government work on a huge variety of programmes and projects and are at the heart of building better policy that can improve peopleʼs lives.

Social research helps make society better and fairer by using data and research to guide government decisions.

We recruit student, graduate, and apprentice social researchers to work in over 30 government departments across the UK.

Our members are civil servants who support the government in implementing its commitments and deliver high-quality services for the public. Our core values are integrity, honesty, impartiality and objectivity, and we are committed to recruiting people from a range of different backgrounds.

Opportunities offered:

  • Degree Apprenticeship

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