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CGIʼs story began in 1976 with two 26 year old entrepreneurs, Serge Godin and Andre Imbeau. The two started the company in the basement of Sergeʼs home with one client, one phone and a lot of ambition. Today, there are over 80,000 of us working across the globe delivering the IT services that matter.

Whilst you may not have heard of CGI, you will have heard of our projects!

  • We have supported over 200 satellite missions into space
  • We defend against 43 million cyber attack incidents each day on military and intelligence networks and infrastructure
  • We work with 23 of the top 25 banks in both North America and Europe
  • We the data services provider for the roll-out of 53 million smart gas and electricity meters in the UK
  • We designed, built and operate the Police National Database used by all UK police forces and containing over 3.2 Billion records.

Thereʼs a lot of choice when you leave school or college, and one choice is getting a degree from a great university. We can help. Work with us to kick-start your career, and at the same time weʼll support you while you study part-time for a debt-free degree.

Choosing a Degree Apprenticeship at CGI means you have the opportunity to grow into many different pathways, at one of the world's largest IT and consultancy companies.

Not only will you work towards a bachelors degree with a choice of IT and business disciplines, but you gain real world experience and get paid for it. We also provide the course resources and materials required and your tuition fees are fully funded.

Opportunities offered:

  • Degree Apprenticeship
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship

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