Telesales/Business Developer

Georgia Burnham


Higher Level Apprenticeship

Georgia Burnham, Telesales/Business Developer (Former Apprentice), HJ Cleethorpes

Before being offered an Apprenticeship with Howdens I previously worked with horses and held a Diploma in Small Animal/Exotics Management working towards my Veterinary Nursing Degree. My main interests are enjoying time in the countryside and riding my horse, Star. The biggest challenges I faced when starting an apprenticeship in Business Development was gaining product knowledge and an understanding what is required when fitting a door for example, and developing my sales techniques which has now contributed to my success in my job role today nearly 5 years later.

Why did you choose to apply for an apprenticeship with Howdens?

I made the decision to apply for an apprenticeship with Howdens when I came across an article on Linkedin about their success as one of the UK's best companies to work for, I then became curious and read up on their mission statement which inspired me to become involved in this, especially being a young woman, I wanted to make a difference to customer service within the Trade!

How has your apprenticeship positively helped you to prepare for your current role?

My apprenticeship has helped shape me into the person I am today, not just professionally but personally too, my life skills such as developing my communication and being able to add more competencies to my CV as been invaluable. Now I am a full-time employee, I can now fulfil my job role and carry out my responsibilities competently, without my apprenticeship I couldn't do what I do today.

Can you share a specific moment or project during your apprenticeship that stands out as beneficial to your development?

During my End Point Assessment, I was required to demonstrate a time where I have given great customer service and from relaying this event to my assessor it occurred to me how much I have come on as an individual. Learning to deal with conflict and complains has been greatly beneficial to my development as we all make our best efforts in making sure everything goes right but sometimes mistakes are made and learning to manage these situations effectively is essential for this job role.

What difference has the apprenticeship made to your life?

Looking back now, Howdens has given me the exposure and confidence to pursue my professional career within the building trade and without my apprenticeship kicking this off for me, I wouldn't be where I am now. I am currently taking up my CAD training with the help of my manager Indi to broaden my skill set and potentially look into a management role within the company. Dealing with a wide range of different people on a daily basis has also changed my personal/family life as discussing property with customers has also helped my understanding of mortgages and getting on the property ladder too.

Reflecting back what did you enjoy most about the apprenticeship or work culture?

Looking back, what I most enjoyed about my time as an apprentice is the support and monthly visits I had with my tutor, she was incredibly supportive and look a great interest in my life outside of work too., there is always something going on whether that be rounders competitions or go karting. From the moment I set foot in the office on my first day I instantly felt a part of the team and made to feel very welcome, which is something I haven't experienced working elsewhere.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for a Howdens' apprenticeship?

If you are looking to gain a recognised qualification and earn at the same time then I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship with Howdens, it's what brought me out of my shell! If I had the change again, I would most definitely take it.

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