Apprentice Warehouse Person

David & Ben

Logistics and Operations

Level 3 Apprenticeship

David and Ben have been school friends since the age of five and both have completed a Howdens apprenticeship. They have a great work ethic and have become a big part of the local Howdens team.

Hear about David and Benʼs experience…

We chose a Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship because manual work was something we both wanted to fit into our career choices. When I came across the description of the Apprenticeship, I applied straight away through the government Scheme. Howdens asked if I had a friend with the same work ethic that would be interested and thatʼs when Ben signed up.

We now work together on full-time contracts. The first thing we do when we get to work is make sure we are presentable for the day ahead, and check all other equipment needed for the dayʼs workload i.e. forklift truck, airport ladders are working correctly and safe to use. We then get all deliveries which we prepicked the day prior ready and after a few more safety checks we open the warehouse doors ready for the dayʼs trade.

The aspects of our role we most enjoy are the physical side which keeps us fit and on our toes, getting to know different builders which is fun, but we both agree that the people we work with feels like a second family and thatʼs why we enjoy coming to work and of course we get paid.

Our top tips for working as an Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Apprenticeship are have the ability to adapt and overcome challenges, be willing to push yourself to work hard, and have good communication skills with colleagues and customers. The biggest tip would be to give it time be patient and it will pay off, it did for us.

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