24 October 2023

Why Should I do an Apprenticeship in the Automotive Industry?

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It’s hard to decide a career when you’ve only just finished school. But there are so many reasons why starting an apprenticeship in the automotive industry is a great route to take.

After leaving education, it can be difficult to start a full-time role with little to no experience. An apprenticeship allows you to continue to learn and gain further understanding of a career sector, while earning your own money.

Apprenticeships provide you with invaluable experience of working in an office or a garage, alongside expanding your organisational, time management and teamwork skills. 

What apprenticeships are there?

Apprenticeships are available in different sectors of the automotive industry. You could choose a career in sales or become a technician. Or start your apprenticeship in digital marketing, administration or customer services.

There are tons of opportunities for career progression in each sector of the industry too, thanks to training and support that many automotive employers offer.

Did you know that loads of automotive leaders started from the bottom, worked their way up and are now shaping the future of the industry?

Becoming an apprentice is a fantastic route to take, giving you a head start in the professional world. Not only is the industry incredibly good for personal development, it provides you with competitive salaries, bonuses, perks and social events too.


An apprenticeship within the automotive sector can help to kick-start your career. During your time as an apprentice, you’ll work alongside one or more qualified and experienced employees who will train you up to become a pro.

The training will vary depending on your job role. However, elements could include:

  • Understanding the workings of a car
  • How to secure a sale
  • Handling data on a computer software


The salary for your apprenticeship will depend on your employer.

Currently, the minimum apprenticeship wage is £5.28 an hour. However, this doesn’t mean that your wage won’t increase throughout your time at the company. Also, many employers pay more. So please bear this in mind.


The duration of your apprenticeship will depend on the qualification you are aiming to achieve.

This should be stated within the application form on the company’s website. The minimum duration of an apprenticeship is at least a year, with some courses lasting up to four years. 

Once you’ve finished your programme, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to continue working for your employer in a permanent position. Or apply for a different role in your chosen career sector. 

There are thousands of businesses looking for talent across the UK. If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship in automotive retail, visit www.drivemycareer.co.uk for more information.

Drive My Career is an employment platform launched in February 2018 to help young people connect with local automotive employers in their local area.

On the website, users can do a postcode search to find the automotive retailers near them who are looking for talent.

On its social media channels, Drive My Career showcases a variety of available job roles and runs campaigns to highlight the positive aspects of a career in today’s automotive industry.