20 September 2023

School Leaver CV Template

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Writing a school leaver CV for the first time can be a bit tricky.

So, we’ve put together a template to help you write a CV that will have employers fighting over you like the last chicken piece in a KFC bucket.

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How do I use the school leaver CV template?

1. Once the template has downloaded, it will open as a Microsoft Word document. Select ‘Enable Editing’ so that you can edit the template. Then start filling it in!

2. Begin by adding your personal details at the top of the document. Ensure your email address is appropriate. None of this [Swiftie4eva_05@gmail.com] business

3. Next, write your personal PROFILE to give employers some background knowledge as to who you are

4. Below your profile, include your KEY SKILLS. Aim for between 8-10 key skills, and use the bullet points as a clear, concise and reader-friendly method of conveying what you can bring to the company

5. You can also use bullet points in the EDUCATION section as a way of presenting your A-level or GCSE grades

6. In the EMPLOYMENT / WORK EXPERIENCE section, give start and end dates for each period of employment. Again, use bullet points to list your main responsibilities and achievements. . . Were you a team leader at work, or trusted with cashing up? Did you win employee of the month? Employers go absolutely crackers for this sort of information

7. Ensure the INTERESTS you mention are a) relevant to the scheme / job you are applying for and b) are interests that showcase your skills. . . like organisation, communication, teamwork

8. You’re welcome to change the fonts, but make sure they are professional looking. Georgia and Times New Roman are perfect. Comic Sans is never okay.

School Leaver CV: Quick Tips!

Follow these tips to craft your perfect CV!

  • DON’T use any colloquial language (slang).
  • DON’T include a photo. (Unless the recruiter asks you to do so).
  • DON’T write more than two pages.
  • TAILOR your CV to the role you are applying for.
  • ALWAYS check for spelling and grammar mistakes.