10 October 2023

Day In The Life Of An Apprentice: Simmons & Simmons LLP

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Hi everyone! I’m Nawal, a first-year solicitor apprentice at Simmons & Simmons, currently sitting in General Counsel. 

Simmons & Simmons LLP is an international law firm that provides innovative and effective solutions to complex and intricate challenges in a smarter and more efficient manner. 

The company focuses on six regulated sectors, Financial institutions, Healthcare and Life sciences, Technology, Media and Telecommunication, Asset management and Investment funds, providing specialist expertise.

Today, I’ll be walking you through a typical day in my life, although each day is unique.


I like to arrive early as it gives me time to catch up on work and avoid any rush-hour traffic.


Usually, I’ll spend a few minutes chatting to everyone before the day officially begins.


Once we’ve finished socialising, I’ll read articles from ‘The Lawyer’ (which are delivered straight to my inbox) so I can stay updated on current world events.


My day has officially begun. First thing on the agenda is to check my inbox and team messages and note down anything I need. 

Normally, I work with the Anti-Money Laundering team. I’ve also had experience in Client Due Diligence, where I evaluate cases before reviewing them with my supervisor. 

This week, however, I’ve been tasked with assisting the Conflicts team, as I’ll be moving over to their department in a few months.

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I usually read through some Anti-Money Laundering articles about PEP’s (Politically Exposed People) and beneficial ownership structures.

It’s important for me to understand them when evaluating cases as I know they’ll come handy once I’ve moved back to the Anti-Money Laundering team.


Around this time, I’d assist the Conflicts team by uploading crucial information to the appropriate system. I work on my assignments, keeping in mind the tight deadline.


Come 11:30 am – I’m still on the same task I was an hour ago, except now I’d take a short break to recharge. Maybe grab a snack or two.


Lunch time! I spend my break in our canteen and hang out with other apprentices. We catch up on what we’ve been up to as we all work in different departments.


During our monthly catch up with my mentor, we look at my progress and focus on upcoming goals. It’s important to have check-ins with a mentor or a trusted person to ensure you’re on the right track, both in your professional life and your personal one. 

One topic we discussed, for example, was Ramadan and how I would navigate fasting and working full-time.


It’s crunch time. I try to get through as many cases as I can to familiarise myself with our clients.


My working day is meant to finish at 17:30, but today the BPP Legal Apprentice Society is hosting a legal apprentice networking event for all legal apprentices. So my fellow apprentices and I are heading to Stephenson Harwood for the evening.  


I had a great time catching up with friends, meeting lots of new apprentices and comparing experiences. Finally, it’s time to go home and get some rest, ready for tomorrow!