2 February 2024

A Day in the Life of a Disney PR Apprentice

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Did you know you could be an apprentice with Disney? That’s right, the entertainment powerhouse (that happens to be 100 years old) hires young people like yourselves to help keep that magic flowing across the world.

The Walt Disney Company employs hundreds of staff members working across several departments including,

  • Creative
  • Customer service
  • Innovation & technology
  • Marketing
  • Production & Entertainment.

But what’s it actually like to work for The Walt Disney Company..? (there probably won’t be 1000s of mops and buckets, we’re sorry…)

Meet Janet, a Level 4 PR & Communications Apprentice currently working at The Walt Disney Company. Read on to find out more about her day and what she gets up to…


Get to the office


Eat breakfast while I go through emails, the team calendar, a coverage update from a press screening last week and finish off a newsletter.


Marketing & Creative team stand up. Then followed by all Disney+ teams stand up where we get updates from different teams on ongoing and upcoming campaigns and any company-wide news.


Team Lunch! Went somewhere special as we had new members joining the team this week.

“Across the past five months, the amount that I’ve learnt and gained as a result of my role as a PR Apprentice at Disney has been insane and I always wonder what I’d have ended up doing or if I’d have found my apprenticeship at all if it wasn’t for me endlessly checking on RateMyApprenticeship and subscribing to their mailing list! Within my role, each day varies from the next which leaves me so excited for the opportunities to come and so grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had so far!!”

Janet, PR Apprentice at The Walt Disney Company


Back to the office for our weekly team meeting to go over any key beats, campaign updates and everyone’s priorities for the week.


Post-team meeting. Raising a few finance POs, handling press requests and looking at the press releases coming for the rest of the week.


Going through emails and seeing all the nominations and awards in our Slack channels (it’s awards season!)


Cute afternoon snack with one of the marketing team campaigns.


Done for the day, now off to unwind with a bit of skating.

There’s loads more where that came from, if you want to find out more about what an apprentice does in their day-to-day, click below.