7 September 2023

The Apprenticeship Application Journey

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Apprenticeships are becoming more and more competitive. Last year there were around 72 applicants per job, so you’ll need to bring your A-game. 

Below you’ll find expert advice to guide you through every step of the application journey, and give you that extra edge over your rivals.


First, you’ll fill in an online form with your personal details, education and any work experience. You may have to answer questions about your strengths and interests too.

#2 CV

CVs are kind of like Tinder profiles. Except they get you interviews – not dates.

And like Tinder, recruiters and employers will have to look through 100s of CVs to find their perfect match. Highlight any relevant skills and experience you have to make them swipe right. 

Are you a parent? Head over to our ParentsHub, a dedicated space full of comprehensive resources to support your child.


You have one page to sell why you want the job, and why you’re the right person for it. Back yourself up with real examples where you have used the skills they’re looking for.


These online tests measure your suitability for a job based on your skills, knowledge and personality. Practice makes perfect, so make sure you come to them fully prepped!


You’ve made it to the interview. You’re almost there! 

All you have to do now is showcase your skills in person. (Like Britain’s Got Talent. Except you won’t be competing against dancing dogs.)


Some companies will also invite you to participate in a day of tasks and activities at their office, or online. Expect things like ice-breaker exercises, group projects, presentations and 1-2-1 interviews.

Now, click on the jobs board below to find 100s of live jobs in 16 different industries; including Accounting, Engineering, and Health & Social Care.

Good luck with your search, we’ve got all our fingers crossed for you! 🤞