17 August 2023

A Level Results Day 2023: What Next?

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A Level Results Day 2023. The wait is over.

We hope you were rewarded for your hard work, and went absolutely bananas when you received your results. But what now? What next? The time has come to for you decide what you are going to make of your future.

Here is your essential guide to the decisions in front of you, and the options available to you after A level results day 2023…

Apprenticeship or University?

There are two highly rewarding, and utterly separate pathways open to you ​after you complete your A levels. You can go to university. Or do an apprenticeship. Both options are available in regions across the UK, and lead to a crazy-range of careers. 

Apprenticeship or university? It’s a real pickle – like trying to choose a sandwich at Marks & Spencer – an impossible choice. How does a person decide between the BLT and the tuna? 

There are so many things to consider, ​just like choosing between an apprenticeship or a university degree. The article below​ will walk you through the pros and cons of each option. 

Give it a read to find out how modern apprenticeships have changed in the last five years, and discover which pathway is the best fit with your career aspirations.

Degree Apprenticeships

As a post A level student, you also might want to consider applying for either a higher apprenticeship or a degree apprenticeship

Higher apprenticeships

A higher apprenticeship requires two or more A levels (or the equivalent qualifications). You will require three or more A levels to qualify for a degree apprenticeship (or the equivalent qualifications). 

Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are an opportunity for you to get a degree, without having to pay tuition fees. You’ll also receive a salary for the duration of the scheme. It’s like a golden ticket. 

Still unsure about your next step?

If you really have no idea what to do after your A levels, then it’s time you were introduced to the Next Step Explorer.

This interactive tool will pose you a set a simple questions, focusing on your preferred learning style and your career aspirations, and will reveal which option is right for you. 

Even if you’re feeling rather assured about what you are going to do next, it’s worth taking the test. Have you truly considered all the options that are available to you? 

The button below will take you there, as if on a magic carpet. 

Before you run off to go and resume your game of baseball, be sure to have a peek at our jobs page. We have opportunities on offer with some of the UK’s biggest (and smallest) companies.

It would be sad to miss out…