19 May 2023

5 Ways To Look After Yourself During Exam Season

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It’s fair to say that exams are a stressful time for everyone. With lots going on, it’s just as important to look after yourself as it is your colourful revision notes.

Struggling to find a balance between work and play? Read our tips to learn how to stay calm and keep those chill vibes on during the busy exam season.

Declutter your room

Your room is your shrine, your wellness corner. So you’ll want to make sure it’s free of clutter. 

Start by hanging up the huge pile of clothes that’s been sitting on the back of your chair since Easter break. It may not seem much. But the tidier your room, the more relaxed you’ll be. 

Next, organise your revision. As tempting as it is to sprawl your notes out on your desk, floor and bed, too much paperwork actually adds to stress. Why not get yourself a divider for each subject? That way you’ll be able to keep tabs on your work and won’t risk losing anything.

Remember, an organised room leads to an organised mind.

Schedule in some downtime

Breaks are important – especially in the run up to exams as our brains need space and energy to think. So when you’re creating your revision timetable, make sure to factor in some downtime. This could be five minutes. Or twenty minutes. Whatever you need.

Why not grab some fresh air ? You could take a stroll around the block. Or pop to the corner shop and grab yourself a treat. As tempting as it is to scroll through TikTok for updates on your besties, try to stay away from social media as it’ll only stimulate your brain. 

Revise with friends

It’s easy to get cooped up, staring at the same four walls each day when revising. But you mustn’t get into a habit as you’ll wear yourself out. 

Humans are social creatures and rely on each other for support. So it’s good to check in with your friends every now and then. Make a habit of it even. You’re much more likely to have a productive study day if you’ve got something fun to look forward to later on.

If it’s sunny, why not get a few pals together for an afternoon revision sesh? You could bring your notes along and test (or teach) each other on certain topics. It may help to pick things up quicker, especially if you’re an aural learner. 

Eat healthily

Healthy eating is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to master photosynthesis and looking for a quick fix. 

Time is precious. We know. But so are your concentration levels. And while sugar will give you that initial rush, it’ll crash your energy levels just as fast.

A balanced diet rich in Omega-3 is key. Omega-3 is full of fatty acids, and can seriously boost learning and recall. So the next time you’re planning a meal, remember to include:

  • Avocados
  • Nut seeds (flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts)
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Eggs

For all you non-veggies, fish is a great source of Omega-3. You can find these in salmon, tuna, mackerel, anchovies, herring and many more!

Be kind to yourself

When we’re caught up in the mighty haul of revision, we often forget to take care of ourselves and our needs. We’ll skip breaks, get upset when sessions don’t go to plan or if we’re struggling with a topic. Truth is, we’re human and everyone has days when they don’t feel themselves.

If today just isn’t your day – don’t worry.

  • Take a moment to breathe
  • Remember how far you’ve come, celebrate the small wins
  • Use positive affirmations: I can, I must, I will

A good sleep schedule works wonders too. So instead of those all-nighters, try getting to bed at 10:00pm and curling up with a light-hearted book – anything that takes your mind off work. 

Healthy minds are happy minds!

We hope you’ve found our wellness tips useful and will be giving them a go in the run up to your exams. Lastly, try not to worry. Everything will be okay. And we’re right here cheering you on.

Good luck!