IT Apprentice

Rachel Whitmore

Information Technology

Level 3 Apprenticeship

To be an M&G Apprentice was a privilege, not many people my age could ever get such an amazing start to their career. It did seem daunting at first but M&G made me feel comfortable and always allowed me to grow over my apprenticeship year.

At the end of my apprenticeship I was offered a permanent role as an Environments Team Analyst. My job entails, supporting the testers in their testing. For example, when the testers want to see if a certain code change works, we run a batch (which is processing of data). The batch allows us to see if everything is okay or failures will occur.

It’s an interesting job as it touches a wide set of systems, therefore my knowledge is ever growing. I never thought I would get into finance, I didn’t think it was even possible. I desired to get into IT. Yet through M&G I was able to work in IT and also expand my financial knowledge, which I never knew could have so many paths to go down.

I thoroughly enjoyed being an M&G apprentice and will continue to enjoy my permanent role at M&G.

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