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Jack Eker


Higher Level Apprenticeship

Jack Eker, 20, is working towards a Capgemini Higher Apprenticeship and recently won a regional 2013 Apprentice of the Year title at the National Apprenticeship Awards.

“While considering university courses and job opportunities I came across the Higher Apprenticeship Scheme. The combination of a university course while undertaking a full time job seemed like the perfect path for me! The reason I applied to Capgemini was my passion for IT and computing plus I found the idea of working for a global company exciting.

“I love the way everybody on the project teams is so helpful and supportive; superiority and rank never hinder progress. And if there is something someone more senior than you can help with, they will always step in to support if required. Whatever project you are working on is always a challenge but it gives you an avenue to demonstrate your skills. Within Capgemini you are never short of opportunities to develop and to learn cutting edge technologies making career progression simple, interesting and exhilarating.

“My role is to help deliver bespoke software solutions for large clients and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working as part of a large team to get a job successfully completed on time. Based on my rapid development I have now been promoted and am trusted with a position working as a software engineer on a technology at the forefront of the UK Government ICT strategy.

“I am passionate about my apprenticeship and being an apprentice has helped me a lot: I have the learnt the skills to do my job, I am gaining work experience, I have a great salary and in addition Capgemini is sponsoring my degree, so I'm definitely all set for the future.

“Winning the South Central Higher Apprentice of the Year Award feels fantastic. I am not only immensely proud of myself but also Capgemini for helping me to get this far by providing such a leading edge higher apprenticeship scheme. I hope to take what I have achieved and use it to encourage young people to take the apprenticeship route.”

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