Woodshop Apprentice at BMW Group

Start Date:
Programme Type:
Apprenticeship - Advanced Level (Level 3)
Review Date:
July 2019

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1. Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis:


My role is to learn the process flows of the woodshop at Rolls Royce Motor Cars. I have to work as a team to create a high standard wood set for a Rolls Royce Motor Car with zero errors. As an apprentice, we learn everything, so I am able to make an entire wood set myself start to finish by the end of the three years.

2. Have you learnt any new skills or developed existing skills?


I have learned alot, before starting work, I had very limited experience with wood and no experience with veneers at all. I feel as if I have become fairly knowledgeable within the wood industry and furniture industry. The college course is a furniture course which at first I wasnt interested in but after studying it, it has become of slight interest.

3. To what extent do you enjoy your programme?


I absolutely love doing what I do, I wake up every morning with huge pride knowing I work for the most prestigious car company on the planet. There has so far not been a moment I have no enjoyed, my favourite had to be finishing the wood set with a coat of lacquer, but spraying has always been of high interest to me.

4. How well organised/structured is your programme?


The program itself has a very good structure. Right from my first day I knew exactly what I was doing and where I was for the next three years. Each area has set targets that need to be fulfilled and then some personal targets are set too. It's just a shame that its not really acted upon by the staff on the shop floor and that the apprentice needs to really push for it for anything to happen.

5. How much support do you receive from your employer?


Support is great, theres not been a moment that when I've needed anything, the company has provided. I did a college project at work and everything I needed was supplied for me upon request, I even had special training on software I needed to use to create my finished product.

6. How much support do you receive from your training provider when working towards your qualifications?


Our training provider, Chichester College Group, was very hard working with us apprentices. They always pushed us for more and made sure that if we needed any help, that they were able to do so with the best of their ability. We often had 1 to 1's with the apprentice managers at college to go through anything we were unsure of or needed a bit of assistance.

7. How well do you feel that your qualification (through your training provider) helps you to perform better in your role?


The college course and work are not directly related, however the transferable skills mostly translate to teamwork and material knowledge rather than practical experience. The team work really pushes people to work with people they wouldn't normally work with and it's a great confidence boost to anyone in the environment.

8. Are there extra-curricular activities to get involved in at your work? (For example, any social activities, sports teams, or even professional networking events.)


There are a small number of social events in my department, but across the whole company there are lots of different events and clubs to be apart of. Within my department I have been working with a couple of people to arrange a more frequent team building exercise but how frequently it occurs is yet to be decided.

9a. Would you recommend BMW Group to a friend?


9b. Why?

The whole working atmosphere at BMW Group is amazing, I really feel welcomed every day and the working conditions are purely outstanding. I do however wish the communications between the different levels of staff was a bit better due to issues not being raised, equipment and uniform not being ordered and having to chase managers up

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to BMW Group?

I would say be yourself, it's a very open and accepting environment and no one will ever say something controversial. It's hard to get in, but if you apply yourself and work to the best of your abilities, there is no reason why they can refuse your application.

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