12 July 2023

These Are The Most Popular Careers In 2023

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With 33 million people aged 16+ in employment from January to March 2023 in the UK, the types of job industries and sectors available for those looking to start their careers are huge. Whilst this means there are lots of choices, it also means it’s a really daunting decision, too.

Trying to decide what industry best suits your interests, skills and experience can be overwhelming. To offer a bit of inspiration we’ve analysed what the rest of the UK are searching for when it comes to careers to provide the most popular jobs in the UK for 2023.

Top 20 Careers in the UK

By carefully analysing the top 100 Google searches in the UK that mention ‘jobs’ and ‘careers’ and categorising these into industries, we’ve been able to list the top twenty jobs in the UK.

Drum roll, please…

Most Popular Industries

There are tons of career options available to students like you. And the results of our analysis reveal the most popular currently nationwide. 

If, like the rest of the UK, you’re interested in getting a job in these top sectors, then we’re here to help you get started.

The Public Sector

Careers in the public sector ranked popular in the top twenty industries. Our research showed that NHS and healthcare jobs were the most popular jobs in the UK, generating 5.5 million searches in the first three months of 2023 alone – wow!

This was followed by Civil Service ranking second as well as Teaching, Armed Forces and Police all ranking lower on the table, too. 

Working in the public sector not only offers great career progression, but is also great for job security – as these jobs are always going to be needed as we saw first–hand a few years ago. 

Creative Sector

If you’re someone with a more artistic flair, jobs in the creative sector also proved popular with Art & Graphic Design careers ranking third popular in the UK and Marketing/Advertising as well as Social Media & Comms, ranking later in the list. 

So your launch into TikTok stardom could be closer than you think!

Financial Sector

For those more data-led who love to work with numbers, the financial sector offers a range of roles that you can work your way up in. Whether this be Accounting – personal or business – data analytics or more, there’s plenty of ways you can flex your love for numbers as a career.

Still Not Certain About Your Career?

At RateMyApprenticeship, we’re here to help school and college leavers get ahead in their careers, by opening the door to hundreds of roles and industries they might not know about. 

Our website is full of the latest opportunities, including our best employers table where you can find companies who’ve gone above and beyond to deliver for their apprentices on initiatives like D&I, sustainability and mental health.