Higher & Degree Apprenticeships: What you need to know

Two thirds of the 16-24 year-olds the team at Which? University surveyed* felt they didn't know enough about apprenticeships. So we thought we’d give you some key facts to help you learn more…

Did you know apprenticeships have been around a long time - since the 12th Century, no less! Don’t worry though, these qualifications aren’t stuck in the medieval times.

Traditionally associated with trade roles, apprenticeships have expanded to cover a host of careers - covering everything from cyber security to nuclear science.

You can even work towards a degree as part of an apprenticeship, without paying tuition fees!

To find out more about degree level apprenticeships, you can download a free copy of Which? University’s in-depth Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Guide.

Nearly half of those surveyed felt that apprenticeships weren't available in the industry they wanted to get into

What? It’s simply not the case. Apprenticeships cover a wide breadth of roles. You’ll see that Rate My Apprenticeship hosts more than 12,000 apprenticeship reviews alone, and an apprenticeship can offer you the opportunity to work for business leaders like Google, British Airways, CapGemini, and Sky - not to mention thousands of smaller (but no less exciting) organisations.

This is also wrong… When you become an apprentice, you sign a contract with your employer which outlines your rights and responsibilities for the role.

A fifth of those surveyed thought apprentices weren't eligible to receive the same benefits as other employees, and a further 35% weren't sure

This is also wrong… When you become an apprentice, you sign a contract with your employer which outlines your rights and responsibilities for the role.

These will cover a host of entitlements including your salary, holiday, sick leave entitlement and more.

84% of those surveyed felt that apprenticeships were a good way to learn skills and get work experience without taking on debt

Good news, most agreed that apprenticeships are a great way to train on the job and earn money, while escaping tuition fees.

As well as degree apprenticeships providing these benefits, they can be challenging and require dedication, but do pay off as former apprentice of the year, Adam Sharp, told us:

“In the space of four-and-a-half years I've left home, studied for my foundation degree, gained valuable workplace experience, completed my apprenticeship, competed in numerous national challenges, brought home a good wage and gained full-time employment. I've just bought my first home with my partner, who is also an ex-apprentice!”

For more apprenticeship myth-busting, head to Which? University.

*This survey was conducted by YouthSight, on behalf of Which?.

1,003 UK adults aged between 16 and 24 were interviewed, online between 8-11 May 2017.

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