Book shop assistant at Waterstones

Start Date:
South East
Programme Type:
Work Experience
Review Date:
May 2017

Review Score


1. Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis:


Stock check, cataloguing, customer assistance, tote unboxing

2. Have you learnt any new skills or developed existing skills?


Strength improved, organisation improved, problem solving improved, confidence increased

3. To what extent do you enjoy your programme?


Very enjoyable as I got a exclusive look at what it was like to work in retail

4. How valued do you feel by Waterstones?


Felt like a member of the team even though I was there for a very small amount of tike

5. How well organised/structured is your programme?


Very well structured, due to it being sorted out between me and the company

6a. How much support do you receive from your training provider?


Helped get things in motion but after that not much communication

6b. How much support do you receive from your employer?


Any questions I had were answered well and the employees were friendly

7. How well does your salary/package meet your costs?


It was unpaid work experience but I did receive a few free books during my time there

8. Are there many opportunities outside of work?


Not that I'm aware of

9. Would you recommend Waterstones to a friend?


9b. Why?

They were a good company to work for

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to Waterstones?

Be confident

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