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Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Advanced Level (Level 3) Apprenticeship - Higher Level (Level 4/5) Apprenticeship - Intermediate Level (Level 2) Degree Apprenticeship
Locations: Colliers Way, Nottingham Burton Street, Nottingham Little Oak Drive, Nottingham Coventry
Industry: Engineering Business FMCG & Retail

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About E.ON

Our core focus is to provide decentralised, green, and interconnected solutions that address the needs of our customers and those of the environment. We aim to lead the global shift towards new technology by working with customers, companies and across communities to make energy simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

As one of the largest suppliers of 100% renewable energy in the UK, we are committed to a sustainable future and improving people’s lives.

So you might think we’re all Customer Service Advisors or Engineers. But take a closer look and you’ll discover a whole range of teams. Each with unique experience and different skills, but all working towards that common purpose of creating a better tomorrow. It’s an exciting time to join the sector as we meet new challenges with the help of people like you.

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  • Career Inspiration Week

    We did lots of activities throughout each day. These included ice breakers and skills building, for example working on our teamwork skills through group projects and giving presentations to other team...

    7.4 /10
  • Inspiration Week

    Increasing my knowledge of E.ON’s market share in the global market. Also gaining an insight into the importance of functional areas working together and how imperative it is to become as efficient as...

    10 /10
  • Insight

    enjoyed this insight at E.ON UK very much as it was much different to the other insights i had been to in the past. I was treated like an employee and not just a student on work experience. I got a go...

    9.8 /10

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