Student at BDO

Start Date:
London, UK
Programme Type:
Virtual Event or Experience
Review Date:
August 2021

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1. Please give an overview of what your virtual experience involved:


There were many things to participate in such as presentation work in groups with other students. We also got an opportunity to speak to many staff from BDO who worked in different positions so we could get an insight into many parts of the firm.

2. What training and skills development did you learn from your virtual experience?


I have learnt how to present my strengths when i pitch about myself as well as being able to take note of what my weaknesses are and how to improve them. I have also built upon my softer skills such as communication.

3. To what extent did you enjoy your virtual experience?


I enjoyed the virtual experience a lot because it gave me a big insight into the firm and I now know a lot more about BDO than I did before. Everyone was very friendly and were happy to answer any questions I had.

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4. How well organised was your virtual experience?


I think it was very well organised as we had many things to do and everything was ready for us. We had been emailed the timetable so nothing that took place was confusing as we had information given to us to prepare us beforehand.

5. How much did you learn about the company culture and what it would be like to work there?


I learnt a lot about the company culture and it’s one of the things I really like about BDO. All the staff members were very genuine and it was clear that they all enjoy working at this company.

6. How much did your virtual experience help you in deciding on your future career path?


It helped me a lot as i was very unsure as to whether joining the company instead of going to university would be a good idea but after speaking to people from the company it has helped me to see that it is a great opportunity for a school leaver.

7. Were you paid or reimbursed for this experience?


We were not paid as it was only a week’s worth of work experience. However we were given a certificate once we completed the week and were also given an opportunity to fast track ourselves onto another programme that they offer.

8. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees?


Yes there were, we got to speak to many employees in large groups as well as small group and got to ask as many questions as we liked. We also had the chance to present to some of them after working in a project with other students.

9a. Would you recommend BDO to a friend?


9b. Why?

Because I think it’s a great company from what i’ve learnt of it and it is clear that the work atmosphere is lovely and people like working there. There is also a level of support between employees which is great seeing as they are a big company.

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to BDO?

Be yourself and when you apply answer any questions honestly as BDO respect individuality. Practice the online assessments before you apply so your first time isn’t during the actual application and so that you have an idea of how to answer the type of questions you will be asked.

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