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Work Experience
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June 2020

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1. Please give an overview of what your work experience involved:


really, on a day to day basis we were really just having fun i mean it was about the law but they really did try and make us feel like home like we were a part of the team which i really appreciated, it was a good time and i really loved the atmosphere.

2. What training and skills development did you learn from your work experience?


pinsent taught me a lot about the importance of communication and how rapport is a big part of any client interaction. this is especially important since I want to be a lawyer and lawyers (solicitors or even barristers) base their entire job and ability through communication and how effectively they do this.

3. To what extent did you enjoy your work experience?


this job is the perfect fit for an aspiring lawyer as having customers essentially be clients, it teaches you the importance of rapport and maintaining those relationships. The similarities of working in the tech sector to the corporate world make this an enjoyable and rewarding job, where no two days are the same.

4. How well organised was your work experience?


it helped me sharpen up on skills such as communication and being open to other people’s views and criticisms. Particularly, analysing the highly controversial case Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KMPG was one of the many highlights as we dove deep into the world of human rights law, seeing how judges come to making their decisions.

5. How much did you learn about the company culture and what it would be like to work there?


law firm offered students the chance to see how real-life firms operate. We were given opportunities to engage in intellectual debates with partners and solicitors. This programme consisted of us shadowing various professionals in their daily roles and seeing what type of business they conducted. Although every day would vary, my time here was spent looking over cases and learning how to draft contracts between the firm and clients.

6. How much did your work experience help you in deciding on your future career path?


This, along with grappling the niche aspects of the corporate life really helped me solidify my yearning to be a solicitor, as I had to learn to quickly face the harsh reality of high pressure and long hours, an aspect I feel I am ready for wholeheartedly and within my mental ability.

7. Were you paid or reimbursed for this experience?


No, we werent paid as this was a work experience piece set for the benefit of us whereby we were the ones benefitting. Also, as we only shadowed people and professionals, we did not partake in any real work that could further be billable to clients, so there was no need to get paid.

8. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees?


The fast-paced world of telecommunications really pushes you out of your comfort zone. From having to perfect the art of rhetoric and persuasion to feeling the pressure of KPI targets, this job is the perfect fit for an aspiring lawyer as having customers essentially be clients, it teaches you the importance of rapport

9a. Would you recommend Pinsent Masons to a friend?


9b. Why?

I would highly recommend it through the in-depth niche knowledge they give you. On this day, we took part in a career carousel in which we met multiple people and networked with people in our desired profession. Barristers from Essex Court Chambers attended and briefed us on what it is meant being a lawyer,

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to Pinsent Masons?

I would say to be yourself and if you are not authentic, it will show. Just flow with the people you are presented with and hat will hopefully build organic rapport. . how flexible the profession is and how we can prepare now. Aspects such as university courses, salaries and pupillages were discussed and elaborated on if needed.

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