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Do you have a passion for technology? Do you spend more time glued to your computer than you do in the outside world? IT and technology is a part of everyone’s life, but do you want it to be more than that for you?

We live in a digital age now, making this a growing industry with huge potential, while a career in it would be full of exciting, ever-evolving opportunities.

The IT and communications industry has developed dramatically in the last few decades, as technology has fast become an essential part of everyday life.

Technology now has a place within every business and employee knowledge of IT is becoming more and more important to every organisation’s development.

Someone who is extremely skilled in IT would be able to work in almost any sector. You could find yourself working for the government, designing the newest iPad for Apple or perhaps you’ll be testing the next Grand Theft Auto (as you can imagine, competition for roles like this is extremely tough!).

Rates of pay vary from £14,000 for trainees starting out in the industry right up to £130,000 for company directors – so it could definitely be worth the training.

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Telecommunications is another part of the technology industry. Jobs within telecommunications involve the installation and maintenance of telephone and internet technology. However, roles within big telecommunications companies such as BT can cover anything from engineering, IT, management and even marketing.

As the demand grows for more IT professionals across companies and industries, developing your skills in this area could be one of the best decisions you ever make. School leaver opportunities in the technology industry are offered by well-known international brands such as Fujitsu, the BBC and BT.

Top tip for applying to a technology company

When applying to a firm like Fujitsu, research the company beforehand, understand what we do, what we aim for and how you could fit within the business,” said Holly Cresswell, previously a graduate recruitment advisor at Fujitsu.

Industry expert: Paul Clements, business operations specialist at SAP

What attracted you to this industry?

As a techno-fan, being at the forefront of technical innovations and being involved in the technology that transforms businesses across the world is ideal.

What do you enjoy most about working in the industry?

IT and technology is the fastest growing industry in the world. This creates a fast-paced working environment that is constantly changing and developing. I love the culture and people in the industry; we’re all passionate about technology, which creates a great environment to work in.

What types of skills are needed to work in this industry?

The industry is developing so quickly that the ability to handle change is crucial. You must also be able to question the routine and the accepted status quo and thrive under pressure.

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