Health, Science and Pharmaceuticals Industry Guide

Was chemistry your favourite subject at school? Do you want to have a career that involves big experiments and crucial research, or perhaps do something amazing like contribute to curing cancer or dangerous diseases? Maybe you should look into working in the fast-moving scientific industries.

The scientific industries, including the health and pharmaceuticals sectors, entail numerous smaller sub-sectors.

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These could cover everything from social care, dentistry, nursing and pharmaceuticals to the nuclear industry and even manufacturing. Yes, it’s that widespread.

A common career path that covers all these areas is R&D (research and development). Those who work within R&D aim to create new technology, or find new information, that could improve how effective an existing product is or in some cases improve the quality of people’s lives.

Did you know that in the UK the science and research sector generates an annual turnover of more than £50 billion!

Improvements in technology have helped scientific research and experiments become more precise and detailed, but the development of a new pharmaceutical drug can still take between twelve and fifteen years.

A career, apprenticeship or school leaver programme within a pharmaceutical company such as GSK means you may work directly or indirectly in R&D, involved in the development, production and marketing of drugs that are licensed for use as medications.

Did you know that the UK’s pharmaceutical industry employs more than 70,000 people?

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