Megan Simpson

Assistant Branch Manager

For us Apprentices are the future of our business. They’re not only our future pipeline of specialists, but also current colleagues developing themselves even further on programmes within the business. We love to shine a spotlight on our wonderful apprentices learning, earning and working on our array of 38 programmes across the Travis Perkins Group.

Here's Megan Simpson from Keyline:

1. What first attracted you to the programme?

I was looking for the opportunity to develop and learn more about the business and about the products. I used to work in the pub industry and in retail and I have always known that I wanted to achieve something more and progress. I never had the support from my previous jobs to grow so having this opportunity has really helped me gain more confidence in myself and feel valued.

2. How have you been supported throughout the programme and beyond?

I have had so much support from my Coach Ceirain, my Branch Manager Alex and all of my colleagues. I feel very lucky to have so many good colleagues and so much help and support from everyone.

3. What’s your favourite thing about being on an Apprenticeship programme with the TP Group?

I am proud of working for a company that is willing to support my learning and development and give me the opportunity to pursue my career.

4. How has the programme set you up for success?

The programme has made me more confident and motivated me to grow professionally and personally. This also helped me to set goals for the future such as becoming a Manager, being able to have more responsibility and being recognized as a key player within the business.

5. What has been your proudest moment since working with the Travis Perkins Group?

My proudest moment is being identified as a Rising Star, with a feature article in the Builder’s Merchant Journal and being given the opportunity to speak to our Managing Director, Dean Pinner, in a one-to-one Reverse interview where it was me interviewing him! I really enjoyed getting to know more about Dean and his background, he made me feel very comfortable and made me realise that if you work hard you can also play hard.

Not everyone has the luxury or support to have an education, however there are so many opportunities in the TP Group to achieve any kind of education or progression.

6. Do you have any advice for someone thinking of enrolling on an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone who is interested in developing themselves to go for it and to do an Apprenticeship. There is such a wide range of Apprenticeships to choose from and there is so much support offered.

I never saw myself working in a Builders Merchant or progressing how I am so I would 100% encourage anyone to jump in the deep end.

Apprenticeships with Travis Perkins

If you’re passionate about learning and are ready for a challenge then we want to hear from you. Since our first apprenticeship programme in 2017, we now offer 38 programmes, half of which we deliver through our in-house specialists, mapping out a full career path for our colleagues who graduate. Explore our Apprenticeships and find out how an Apprenticeship with us will allow you to realise your full potential.

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