Alice Mason

Junior Accounting Associate

I am currently an apprentice at TSJ. This means TSJ support me with my AAT training alongside work, I am given day release to attend my AAT Courses and support if needed in my exams! In order to help me progress l will be given tasks outside my role (at my request) to enable to me grow inside the company and have a wide range of skills. As the exams in AAT can range widely, they want to help me within my work to put these exams to practise and explain their uses. You will get a lot of feedback, at TSJ we hold monthly reviews, in this both my manager and I can give feedback and set tasks of improvement, this I find really usefully to help my growth within the company and in my own studies.

I am in the year end team, this means we produce the year end accounts for our portfolio of clients including UK companies, partnerships, LLPs and sole traders. I also maintain company secretarial records and file the confirmation statements. We work closely as team and if any adhoc queries occur, we usually address these as a team, it is used as a learning experience for us all.

TSJ has a very friendly and helpful culture, no one is too high up to help out and get jobs done which I find really reassuring, if I don’t think I have the capacity to get all my work done before the deadline there is always someone around to help and support each other. We also have weekly / Daily meetings to ensure no one is overwhelmed with work. I haven’t had any issues with the company but if I was to there are many people you can go to, to ask questions or ask for support. When I first started, I was assigned a ‘buddy’ this was someone also at my level that knew the ins and outs of the company, someone I could go to for non-accountancy specific questions and I found this really useful.

Every quarter there is a social event, these are really enjoyable and mean you can mix with people you may not mix with usually, everyone gets involved in the activity and has good fun.

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