How did you apply for this company?

My application for Nestle began following work experience that I undertook at the age of 14. I came for 2 weeks work placement in the maintenance department. However whilst at school I also undertook a young apprenticeship course in engineering as a day release from school. To complete this I had to then do further work experience in my own time (school holidays etc.). This is when I gathered information about the apprenticeship scheme and decided to apply. It was a rigorous application involving aptitude tests, group interviews, personal interviews and a factory tour.

What was the induction like?

The induction was very thorough and also eye opening as to how large the food and drink industry actually is as well as the scope that Nestle has to offer. We were introduced to the factory leadership team, engineering technicians and co-workers around all the plants at the York factory and given instructions as to what was expected of us as an apprentice. This is when I realised that Nestle was an excellent company to work for.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Every day is a different day but they all bring a fulfilling challenge to me and the days tend to go quickly. Working days as a Plant Engineering technician in the Aero department means I come in to different engineering circumstances every day. This could be a breakdown of different levels requiring reactive maintenance work. Alternatively the plant could be planned not to run allowing engineering work and preventative maintenance to be undertaken. There is also ongoing project work that can fill the gaps between maintenance which involves liaising with the project team, external contractors and engineers to look at improving the lines, product development etc.

What skills are necessary to perform well?

There are various skills that make a good engineer but as an apprentice these can be developed through a committed effort over the course of the apprenticeship. Showing commitment to the job and building up good working relationships I feel is key to developing these skills. A lot of work is done as part of a team so the more interest shown, the more benefits received and skills developed.

What advice would you give to someone applying to this company?

The first bit of advice I’d give to someone applying is to not be afraid of asking questions and gathering as much information as possible. Whether that is from friends or family that may work for Nestle or research into the apprenticeship scheme that Nestle run. There is a lot of information that can be found that will assist in the application process. It was daunting for me at 15 with it being my first interview process, but going to a career service whereby mock interviews can be held and assistance with CV’s and applications can be given is certainly a help, and something I would recommend.

How has this company’s apprenticeship scheme affected your career prospects?

My career prospects have definitely changed for the better with Nestle, and I can now look into a long term fulfilling career. I also had an intention of going to university and studying engineering and with Nestle I am now being funded to do so following the completion of my apprenticeship. This will give me further qualifications allowing me to potentially progress as an engineer with Nestle.

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