Studying at a top university + Internship with a global organisation + Networking with senior business people + Feedback for my future development = My career formula

Rugby School, Rugby

I had always thought I would go to university. For me, in terms of graduate prospects, social opportunities and personal development it was a no brainer. And after my GCSEs, I think I felt more confident and determined to win a place at a top university. Perhaps if I hadn’t had that opportunity open to me, I may not have gone.

My one piece of advice would be to look at the bigger picture. When making a decision like this, it can make you feel older than you actually are, but it's all about what will be right for you longer term. EY has some great opportunities for school and college leavers – there really is something for everyone here.

Everyone I speak to thinks the EY Scholarship is a fantastic programme. It's so hard to get internships or spring weeks at university, and to be on a scheme where I have this guaranteed (subject to performance!) really takes the pressure off – applications are time consuming! Next summer I hope to be offered a place on the Advisory graduate programme.

The people I have met and the experiences I have gained have been terrific. What's fantastic is that on the EY Scholarship, every single person is completely different. There's not a set mould of skills EY look for. It's all about you as a person. But what we do all share is ambition, and I find it so refreshing being around switched on people my age and I genuinely think I have made friends for life on the scheme. You are also given real work that actually contributes to EY's projects. It's not making teas or simulations, it's actual contributions to huge projects, which is exciting. You also just feel really well looked after on the scheme.

I’ve had lots of opportunities to share my experiences at EY on campus at LSE over the last year and I’m looking forward to visiting my old school as a Schools Ambassador and sharing my experiences with students making decisions about their future careers. I have learnt so much about how an organisation like EY functions, about working with other people and the importance of teamwork. I’ve been invited back to return for a second internship so the experience has given me confidence in my own abilities.

I would say my proudest EY moment was at the end of my first internship, where I received some very positive feedback from senior people at EY. I’ve also made some excellent connections with people who have so much experience to share, and I’ve felt so well supported by the company

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