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Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Higher Level (Level 4/5)
Industry: Business & Administration

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Kourtnie Haden

Kourtnie Haden

Willis, School Leaver

During my school days I found that I had a particular interest in Business Studies. When I completed my A-Levels, I discovered that this interest went further and I wanted to discover what actual components make up a business and the risks they are faced with. Soon after I finished my A-Levels, I joined Willis as a School Leaver in the role of Client Service Executive (CSE). This was not an existing role in the Birmingham business, so I found that I would be potentially taking a risk myself.

After now working at Willis for eight months, I cannot believe the number of opportunities I have had and the amount I have learned. Insurance wasn’t an industry that I knew much about but now I am now learning about the different risk exposures a business might have, dealing with clients on a day- to-day basis and negotiating their renewals.

I am on a three year training plan that is split into three different parts. I am continuing my academic studies and sitting my professional exams (CII) in order to achieve my ACII qualification. I am making the transition from a Trainee CSE to a Junior CSE and finally into a full CSE, with an increase in client responsibility at each stage. I am also developing my technical knowledge and learning the Willis processes of placing Insurance cover. One of the main highlights of my job is definitely getting to know my clients and being able to liaise with the Insurers, whilst building a relationship with them. I have also had the opportunity to be in contact with the global Willis network, which has allowed me to get to know people in Willis from all around the world.

Stepping into Willis was like entering into an unknown world, but my advice for anyone who gets the opportunity to join Willis is to grab it with both hands. Not only is it one of the largest global Insurance brokers in the world, but you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet so many new people and look at the world of risk from a different perspective.

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