Hannah Wake at Superdrug

Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Intermediate Level (Level 2)
Industry: FMCG & Retail

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Hannah Wake

Hannah Wake

Apprentice Sales Adviser

I chose to do a work based learning option instead of a college environment as I thought I would fit in with learning on the go more. I thought if I got an apprenticeship it would help me in the real world and I would get more work experience this way. I came across this opportunity on indeed.com and I am happy I did.

I already knew about Superdrug before I got the apprenticeship as I always shopped there beforehand. I researched about the company’s history and found out about their cruelty free products and their 100% happiness guarantee programme, which made me want to join the team even more as I love animals! When I went for my interview I was really nervous but I quickly calmed down as my manager was lovely and made me laugh, this made me feel part of the team straight away.

In an average day I work on the make-up aisle and I love it! I tidy the make-up stands in the morning and do my make-up delivery, there is always different products being sent in every time and I get to see all the new launches which makes me excited for promotion change! I help different customers every day choose make up and give them advice on which product is best for them. My assessor is lovely and comes every month to see how my paperwork is going and also does floor and till observations.

I would say I am confident and happy whilst I’m working so they are the qualities I would say you need to work at Superdrug. I have got to know a lot about different make up products and it’s a fun environment to work in. You need to have good product knowledge and give everyone the Superdrug feeling when they come into store!

I love working for Superdrug it is the best decision I ever made! My team are lovely and my managers are the best you could ever have. Everyone is so nice here and the company is amazing to work for. You find out new things every day and we have the Hub, an app that helps you communicate with other people in the business, like a Superdrug Facebook!

Looking to the future, I have been offered a permanent position in my store on the make-up aisle which I couldn’t be happier about! The good thing about Superdrug is that you can always work your way up!

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