Megan Cooper at Superdrug

Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Intermediate Level (Level 2)
Industry: FMCG & Retail

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Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper

Apprentice Sales Assistant

Megan joined Superdrug in May 2015, after trying college but soon realizing that it wasn’t the right route for her. ‘I wanted to go into full time work, so this apprenticeship was a good starting pointing for me to further a career in retail. I wanted to join Superdrug because it is a busy and popular store which could lead me to any other opportunities in retail.’

Working in a large, busy store in a popular shopping centre, Megan says ‘An average day for me is to be on and off the till whilst doing any other jobs given to me like putting stock out or being on the makeup stands filling from the draws or putting delivery out. There is always something to do to keep you busy. My favourite part of the job is being on the makeup stands because that’s what I enjoy and have a lot of knowledge in, so I like to help customers when they come to me with advice about what items they should purchase.

Megan is enjoying the pace and variety of her apprenticeship ‘Working for Superdrug is fun and there is always something to do especially in a busy store. I would describe it as fast-paced, friendly and challenging (as well as fun).’

The future looks bright for Megan, she loves working with make-up and wants to progress her career with Superdrug and cosmetics, continuing learn new skills and maybe be part of Superdrug’s own brand cosmetics one day!

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