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Lincoln Tholanah

Lincoln Tholanah


Why did you decide to join Siemens?

My aspiration to be an engineer was inspired by watching engineering programmes on the Discovery channel when I was young. When the opportunity availed for me join Siemens, I promptly took up the challenge to join a leading engineering and electronics company so as to pursue and fulfil my dream of being an engineer. I was attracted to Siemens as it offered me the opportunity to “kill three birds with one stone” i.e. training, experience and reward at the same time.

What area of Siemens do you work in and what does that area do?

I work in Siemens’ Mobility division focusing on trains. The division’s main role is to provide rail services to various countries.

Can you summarise what your job role is?

The job mainly involves maintenance of the 350 Desiro units at the Kings Heath depot. The tasks include checking for any damages, cleaning components and replacing any damaged components.

What skills do you need to have to be successful in your role?

In order to succeed in my role, one needs to possess a team work approach, be friendly and approachable, be a good communicator and above all be interested in engineering.

What has been the best thing about the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship scheme has been a window of opportunity for me. The programme has helped me further my education in basic engineering and training whilst getting rewarded at the same time.

How would you describe the culture/people at Siemens?

The culture is to maintain high safety “Zero harm” standards. The people are not only friendly but also helpful.

What kind of training/development have you received?

I have been doing a BTEC Level 3 course in engineering at Milton Keynes college. I have also received various in house training courses which include health and safety, fault finding and door systems amongst many.

What are your future plans and how is Siemens supporting you with your career aspirations?

To further my studies and obtain a degree in engineering commencing next year. Hopefully after qualification, I will be able to progress within the company. Siemens have indicated their willingness to support me by saying that as long as my BTEC grades are good they will allow me study for the degree.

What would be your recommendation to someone considering applying to work at Siemens?

My recommendation for someone aspiring to join Siemens would be that the company has friendly staff, it offer job security, total rewards and benefits and there is always room for progression/development.

What makes your proud to work for Siemens?

Working for Siemens does not only mean working for a global company but also working for company which has a diverse portfolio across various industries. The work environment is conducive for maintaining high safety standards. The work colleagues are great. At Siemens, everyone is treated equally. The training is continuous and there is room for career development and progression.

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