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Utilities Operational Technician

Severn Trent has been a great experience for me so far and I would definitely recommend it to someone considering carrying out an apprenticeship. The scheme is a great opportunity to take up as it is a large company meaning you have lots of room to progress. Throughout my time as an apprentice I have met many different colleagues who have joined through an apprenticeship of graduate scheme or who are fully behind the programme. This has helped me understand that Severn Trent take this very seriously and want everyone to be on-board. There is also lots of opportunity to learn. Every day has been different for areas for the business, so there are is always something new to learn!

My current job role is split between an operational technician on site and also being part of NCAM (Network Control and Asset Management). Whilst in the operational role I carry out tasks on water treatment works which includes testing samples, regular monitoring, optimising the process and aiding cite performance. During this side of my apprenticeship I have been able to fully understand the treatment process, as I am doing the job first hand which helps me to learn more efficiently. For the NCAM side of my apprenticeship i have been to lots of different areas of the business which has allowed me to learn all about the different jobs and how they all link. When on rotations throughout the company I have been shadowing people within the team to see exactly what they do on a day to day basis.

One of the best experiences for me since being at Severn Trent has been learning so much about not only what goes on directly on site but also learning about everything that goes on in the background that people don't necessarily think about or see.

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