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Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Advanced Level (Level 3) Apprenticeship - Higher Level (Level 4/5/6/7)
Locations: Central London & City
Industry: Finance & Banking

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Jason Gish

Jason Gish

Head of Front Office Operations, Equities

M&G School Leaver Success, Jason Gish, says...

“Given that most of my peers were going to university, leaving school at 18 and going straight into the world of work wasn't an easy decision to make. I based the decision on the belief that I would get a head start, gaining immediate experience and quicker access to professional qualifications that I believed an employer would ultimately find more valuable. Once I had found a job it was quickly forgotten that I was a school leaver and not a graduate, something that I put down simply to commitment, hard work and a willingness to go beyond the boundaries of my role. As my career has progressed experience and professional qualifications have become a more important measure of ability.

Having joined M&G in 2005, I have been hugely impressed by the people based culture that results in opportunities offered across the business based on ability and not necessarily academic qualifications - backed up by a commitment to the continuing development of people and evidenced by a number of examples of individuals that have progressed into senior positions across the organisation, this is a perfect recipe for building a long career within M&G and the asset management industry.

M&G is a supportive organisation that believes in the strength of a balance between work and life. At M&G you are treated as a talented individual and not a set of academic qualifications. These attributes set M&G apart from other organisations that I have experienced over the course of my career.”

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