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Fraud Investigator Xavier

Xavier is a Fraud Investigator on a Lloyds Banking Group Advanced Apprenticeship. What has he discovered so far?

Your future – ‘You need a plan’

“If you want a good career, you need the right plan and the right skills.

“I didn’t have a clue about any of this until I started my apprenticeship ­­­– I just dreamt about trainers and designer clothes. I seriously had no idea what to do with my life.

“Now I have clear goals and a smart wardrobe, and in two years I’ve become the youngest highest level investigator in our unit.

How it started – ‘By chance’

“I was actually looking to open an online bank account, and by chance I came across the Lloyds Banking Group careers site.

“My first year of sixth form was coming to an end and I knew I wasn’t built for the university life.

“So when I starting looking through the site, I found a vacancy for a Fraud Investigator apprentice. I thought, ‘That’s sounds interesting’ and I applied, just like that.

“Obviously I had no relevant experience, but I’d done some volunteering with local youth communities.

“That gave me something to talk about at the interview, and the hiring managers were sufficiently impressed to offer me the job!

“I showed them what I was passionate about, I think it’s important to do that. They have to see what you believe in, to see your potential.”

Work – ‘Make a plan, get qualifications’

“I’d definitely say this apprenticeship has done more for me than university would have.

“I’m 19, with less than 2 years’ experience in the finance industry, and I’ve grown to be completely independent.

“I have a plan for my career, a framework for getting the right skills and qualifications.

“And right now I’m heading for a BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Business Administration, which is the qualification that will help me to progress further.”

My advice – ‘Go for it’

“I advise other school leavers who are thinking about becoming apprentices – I say ‘go for it’ because there’s a world of opportunities to discover once you’re in.

“Lloyds Baking Group has great benefits, so make sure you make the most of them.

“Be ready to develop your professional career, and also your personal life. I was told this when I joined the Group. Make time for what you love, develop your strengths, feed your passions –you’ll be happier that way.

“Step out and go the extra mile. By putting yourself forward for things that others don’t like doing, you leave a good impression – it shows real determination.

“It’s ok to be rejected. You should find out why you were rejected and then use the lesson to make sure you’re accepted the next time.

“Take responsibility. Nobody’s perfect and everybody make mistakes, so if you make a mistake, own it. You’ll respect yourself for it, and others will respect you for having the strength to do it.”

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