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Hannah Naughton

Hannah Naughton

IT Apprentice

What is it like to be a GSK apprentice?

Being an apprentice at GSK has given me the opportunity to work within a company while being supported by knowledgeable professionals who are willing to share experiences, offer support and guidance and ultimately help me excel myself both professionally and personally.

What does your Apprenticeship involve?

The IT apprenticeship is a 3 year program which involves us being trained by an external training provider either at a GSK site or another training site for a week at a time spread throughout the year. These courses give me a wide range of knowledge which can either be directly related to my job or give me the chance to learn about other aspects of IT. As well as attending these training courses we also have an assessor who comes in to our workplace and sets us pieces of work which require research and investigation in order to complete. The courses and research work usually complement each other which helps give us a greater understanding of the topic and a chance to get extra help if required. The knowledge of employees within GSK is outstanding and many people are willing to help and provide support.

What made you apply for the apprenticeship at GSK?

GSK is a well known company offering good opportunities and alternative options to university, it gave me the chance to study aswell as work. The hands on experience is great and instead of just learning from text books we are learning first hand from professionals who have years worth of experience. The company has a brilliant work ethic and are always enthusiastic for us to thrive and excel ourselves which really makes us feel like a valued part of the team.

Did you always want to do this as your job?

No, I was unsure of what I wanted to do when I left school, I no longer wanted to be in full time education so decided an apprenticeship was the best route for me. After researching different companies and the apprenticeships on offer, GSK was by far the most suited company. There is a good work ethic and encouragement to be the best you can be, we have huge support with completing our apprenticeship and exploring future career options.

Would you recommend a GSK apprenticeship to anyone?

I would definitely recommend a GSK apprenticeship to anyone, you are getting actively involved in your area of choice with great support from a well known, leading company. A GSK apprenticeship gives you a solid foundation to start building your career.

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