Jess Clarke at EY

Programmes Offered: Work Experience Degree Apprenticeship / Sponsored Degree (Level 6/7)
Locations: London Aberdeen Belfast Bristol Birmingham Cambridge Edinburgh Glasgow Leeds Manchester Newcastle Reading
Industry: Accounting Business & Administration Finance & Banking Digital Media & IT

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Jess Clarke

Jess Clarke

Business Apprentice

The future is flexible

I advise a bank on the taxes they need to pay as their employees move around the world. I’m part of a large, close-knit team. I help people worldwide — and get to work from home certain days of the week which is brilliant for me.

They have my back

Everyone gets partnered with a mentor — my EY Counselor is amazing. She offers great advice and she’s been an important part of my progress. She encouraged me to go for a promotion and opened doors for me with senior partners.

Widen your net

You study with people from all around the UK, and there are lots of organised social events. Many apprentices house-share. You get to meet people at different stages in their career and build a strong network.

3 tips to build bounce-back

1. Take time to recharge

Balance the busy periods with fun so you stay inspired.

2. Don’t worry about not knowing the answer

It’s fine to say you’ll look into it — as long as you follow up!

3. Work your study into your day

Revise in the office and go home to relax.

Don't be afraid to speak up!

When I was first asked to speak at an event I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I’ve found that no-one is actually as confident as they seem! It’s always a good learning opportunity — and you get to raise your profile.

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