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Why choose the School Leaver Programme

On Monday our new cohort of business trainees joined their home EY office after three weeks of inductions and professional study. We asked six of them ‘Why did you choose the EY School Leaver programme’ and what they are looking forward to in the next few weeks. Here’s what they had to say.

Freya, Assurance

“During sixth form I knew that I wanted a career in Accountancy, so alongside my university application I researched School Leaver programmes. I applied to all of the Big Four firms however, EY was the quickest to process my application and give me my offer. They also seemed like a friendlier, more employee-focused firm which I thought would make the working environment much more enjoyable. Over the next few weeks I am excited about going to college, seeing my colleagues again and passing the first two exams, however, I am most looking forward to starting in the office and finding out what life at EY holds. Although my journey with EY has only just begun I am sure it is going to continue to be a positive one!”

Rory, Assurance

“The reasons why I joined the EY School Leaver Programme are similar to many other joiners. I knew that I didn’t want to go to university, or get into debt, and that my real desire was to start my career in accountancy with a firm as well-respected as EY whilst also working towards a professional qualification. The programme gives me the opportunity to progress in the way that I want to. It’s been a long time since I was offered a place and I can’t wait to get going, to work closer with my new colleagues and to meet some of our fantastic clients.”

Charlotte, Assurance

“I decided to join the School Leaver Programme because I believed it would be a fantastic opportunity for me. Despite performing well academically I knew that university was not the route for me, and instead I wanted to get out into the working world and build my career from the ground up. The programme will enable me to achieve a professional qualification whilst getting valuable work experience from a renowned global firm. For me, this was a clear choice. In the next few weeks I’m really excited to find out which clients I’ll be working for and the work that I will be doing.”

Jonny, Corporate Finance

“My reasons for joining the EY School Leaver Scheme are much like those of my fellow colleagues; the enticement of bypassing university and avoiding all of that debt. This coupled with fast tracking me in to a career that I had always been keen to explore and the opportunity to move to the capital, a city that before EY I had visited just once. The EY School Leaver allows me to do exactly what I want to do, the way I want to do it. I have been eager to start ever since I received my offer a year ago. EY are such a large firm that many people would expect to get swallowed up by the sheer mass of people working there. But I know that my career is coming together one day at a time and it is thanks to EY that I will one day be a Chartered Accountant.”

Ben, Assurance

“University is constantly echoed throughout media, schools and families as the only pathway to success in your working life. Perhaps due to decades of government encouragement that transcends politics. I can tell you that the reality is different. The reasons I joined EY were due to a balanced mixture of work and studying, achieving professional qualifications whilst gaining a wealth of experience with clients; whilst you’re also being paid an extremely competitive salary. Particularly the ACA qualification is an exceptional asset highly regarded in business internationally. The ACA qualification is not only good for a professional service firm, but is common amongst industry. At the induction I was encouraged to find out that 55% of UK FTSE 250 companies have an ICAEW Chartered Accountant as chairman, CEO or CFO. I cannot wait to begin dealing with clients; the varied nature of a work environment I’m unfamiliar with will be fascinating, daunting and challenging. But that’s all part of the fun!”

Charlotte Y, Assurance

“After just completing my 3 day EY School Leaver Induction in Reading, I can say wholeheartedly that my decision to join EY has to be one of the best I’ve ever made. I initially wanted to join the firm due to the high costs of university as well as the uncertainty around securing a job once graduating. I was attracted to the way you are developing your career from day one whilst studying for a very prestigious qualification. I am determined to make the most of this amazing opportunity EY has given me. I want to work hard, pass my exams, continue to meet new people, learn as much about my service line as possible, gain experience working with clients and get involved with everything that EY may offer. My journey has only just started but I am already certain that it will be a great one.”

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