Amelia Cockran at Coca-Cola European Partners

Programmes Offered: Apprenticeship - Advanced Level (Level 3) Apprenticeship - Higher Level (Level 4/5) Apprenticeship - Intermediate Level (Level 2) Degree Apprenticeship Traineeship
Locations: Uxbridge Glasgow Wakefield Morpeth London Sidcup Nottingham Milton Keynes
Industry: Business & Administration FMCG & Retail Engineering & Manufacturing Sales, Marketing & Procurement

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Amelia Cockran

Amelia Cockran

Engineering Apprentice Amelia Cockran

Why did you start your apprenticeship with Coca-Cola European Partners?

I have always wanted to begin my career into the Engineering industry through an apprenticeship as the main advertising point to me was the opportunity to work, learn and earn all at the me time. This would give me the much-needed experience to prepare me for a role in this field. When the chance of a Multi-skilled Engineering Apprenticeship at Coca-Cola European Partners I jumped at the chance because this is not a sector of Engineering that first comes into mind. Also having the opportunity to work for a large global brand of Coca-Cola would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

What has been the most memorable experience of your apprenticeship at Coca-Cola European Partners?

The most memorable experience of my apprenticeship at Coca-Cola European Partners so far has to be the annual Apprentice of the Year. This takes place every year at Walton Hall in Warwick and spans across three fantastic days where we participate in teamwork activities for charity, watch other apprentices graduate from their apprenticeship scheme and attend a black-tie event where we celebrate our achievements. This was a brilliant and fun three days where all apprentices get to come together and discus our journey over the last year of our apprenticeship and celebrate our achievements together.

What activities do you get involved with in your area of work?

My day-to-day activities do vary and change on a daily basis. Some days I am on an overhaul or carrying out planned maintenance on a piece of plant equipment which can vary from filler, packers and palletisers to 140ft cranes and lorry wheel lock. A key element to my role is being adaptable and responding to changes of plan. Another great aspect of my job is that breakdowns can occur to the plant equipment and these need to be fixed and corrected so the lines can run to schedule to meet customer demand. The speed of which product is produced is a challenge to take in my stride, when cans of product are being produced at 86 cans per second than any amount of downtime can result in a large build back and stop to production, it is essential to remain calm under pressure and get the job done and get the line running at full speed.

What do you love about working here?

The main reason why I love my job is because every day is different and its always a new challenge. I love to be challenged and try to come up with the best solution in the moment and once the task is done, discuss with competent technicians to see what an alternative solution might have been. Every time I am not sure on a solution or if I am struggling with breakdown then I always try to find a way to overcome said problem. Another reason why I love being an Engineering Apprentice at Coca-Cola European Partners is because the people make it. Every day I get to work with the most amazing and skilled workforce known, I am so privileged to be learning from the best on a daily basis.

What advice would you give young people about how to be successful with the application process?

Advice that I would give anyone who is applying for any position at Coca-Cola European Partners is to tailor your application and CV to the role that you are applying for, for example, if applying for an Engineering or practical based position then discuss previous work and activities that you have completed in the past and how you have gained from I in terms of technical experience. At the interview process the main thing to remember even though it is cringy is to be yourself. It’s important to remind yourself that they are hiring you so allow your personality to shine and portray why you ae suitable for the role. Its normal to be nervous but don’t let them distract you from bringing your best performance.   Another strong piece of advice that I have for the interview process is to never be afraid for the question to be repeated, it is always better o ask for the question again and answer it correctly and to the best of your ability than to misinterpret the question and give the wrong answer. Never be afraid to ask for clarity!

If you could only drink one Coca-Cola product for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

The one product that I would drink for the rest of my life would be SmartWater because I drink so much water in my everyday life!

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