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Republic of Ireland
IT & Telecommunications

About Intel

You know those little chips that power your pc, tablet, smartphones and wearable devices? Yes that’s us … You’re welcome!

We are a world leader in wafer production creating the very latest semiconductor devices. Our team in Fab24 in Leixlip are producing 14nm technology. That’s Intels 6th generation of microprocessors. We’re one of only 3 locations on the planet where this technology is manufactured. It’s such a cool place!

The Leixlip campus is also home to Intel’s IoT (Internet of Things) as well as the Wearables Group. Our Galileo board makes devices smart and interactive. We make it possible to integrate intelligent connectivity into virtually anything you wear (devices like your watch, earphones and bracelets)! The Silicon Nano electronics Research Team, Product Development Group and Innovation Open Labs, who are the makers of our future, are also based at Intel Leixlip.

Recently we announced the acquisition of Movidius, a company that is a world leader in Machine Vision Technology, providing visual intelligence to the next generation of connected devices. Movidius technology optimizes, enhances and brings Intel® RealSense™ capabilities to fruition.