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We’re a global leader in all forms of entertainment, from movie and TV screens to mobile devices, store shelves and beyond. We work, grow and create world class content in one of the biggest, busiest studio lots in the industry, as well as at countless studios, sets and offices around the globe. We are home to the most beloved characters, franchises, heroes and wizards in the world, and to a diverse and inclusive workforce of thousands that brings those brands to life every day. We are fans of what we make and proud of what we do.

If you're looking for an alternative to University with the qualification to match… Warner Bros. could have the perfect opportunity for you!

The deal, simply put, is that you work for us full time earning a full salary, and in turn we will pay for you to gain a professional qualification, giving you time off to attend college/training with your peers.

Generally we have two intakes per year, one in January and one in July. The length of our Apprenticeships vary depending on the qualification that has been chosen in line with the role. We have roles throughout our business so our opportunities vary, you could apply for anything from a Runner at our Studios in Leavesden to working in a Finance position in our Head Offices!

Warner Bros. might not have the right opportunity for you at this very moment but be sure to follow us on one of our socials to make sure you're the first to know about our openings.

Latest Reviews from Warner Bros.

  • Human Resources Apprentice

    As the Human Resources Apprentice, I have the opportunity to be involved in different projects throughout the company as well as assisting the Vice President of HR and helping to run the Apprentice assessment days. I am responsible for doing all employee contracts and I also have other day to day ta...

    7.6 /10
  • Creative Apprentice

    As a Creative my responsibilities include working under the direction of WBCP Fashion/Home Art Director creating apparel and accessories concepts to support the creative needs of key European Retailers and licensees....

    9.3 /10
  • Technical Operations Apprentice

    When starting my role, I spent the first few weeks learning all about the technical aspects of film as well as the process content takes to get rectified (my job role is to aid my manager with getting content fixed and redelivered to broadcasters, in short). I also spent lots of time with every ...

    8.1 /10