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About us

Orbit is an ambitious, dynamic organisation with national reach and influence. We are passionate about making a real difference to our communities, ensuring our customers are proud of where they live.

We are a long-term sustainable business and make profit for a purpose in order to re-invest in our services and to build much needed new homes. We are a values led organisation striving to create an innovative and collaborative place to work.

So whether you are joining our Housing team, working in our Customer Service Centre, or joining IT, you can expect to make a tangible difference to our customers' lives.

Orbit's heritage

With close to 50 years’ housing experience, Orbit has grown to become one of the largest housing groups in the UK. We now employ more than 1,300 people and manage around 39,000 homes.


Our people are efficiency minded to support our commercial approach of profit for a purpose; meaning that we generate a surplus in order to re-invest in our business and services. We achieve this by being disciplined, open and accountable, by focussing on high performance and by living our values. We act as one team throughout all levels of the organisation and feel connected to the work that we do and the results that we achieve.

Our People

Orbit is a happy place to work where people are enthusiastic and passionate about making a real difference to our customers and communities, ensuring our services and products meet both their current and future needs.

Everyone is seen as an individual with the freedom to think differently. Orbit is one team where everyone is connected at all levels and their voice is always heard; everyone feels part of and contributes to the future of Orbit which is exciting and forward looking; and everyone takes pride in what they do, the results they achieve and the difference they make.

The bedrock of Orbit’s commercial approach of ‘Profit for a Purpose’ is our values of honesty, respect, excellence, partnership and innovation which is the way we do things across every part of the organisation.

Leaders in Orbit are key influencers across all sectors. They are passionate, visionary and transformational, seeing where the organisation is going, but also keeping a relentless focus on delivering what we said we would achieve. Our leaders are fast paced

We believe that an organisation's best asset is its people, and as such we want everyone to feel that they can make a difference and contribute to our work.

We want to unlock the potential in all Orbit employees and maximise their satisfaction in the job. We have a corporate training programme, opportunities for professional development and our staff tell us this is a great organisation to work for.

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