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About Fidelity

Fidelity International is a privately held, global asset management business with the aim to help our clients fulfil their financial goals. We are dedicated to delivering the Fidelity experience to a wide range of clients from individuals, directly and through financial advisers, to large companies, institutions and governments. Helping clients to save for retirement and other long term investing objectives has been at the core of our business for nearly 50 years.

With over 7000 employees worldwide and working with clients in over 40 countries, we take pride in our understanding of global needs.

Why Fidelity?

We want working at Fidelity to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all of our employees. We value hard work but not at the expense of well-being. We understand the importance of a work-life balance. You won’t be valued for the amount of hours you’ve done, but for the quality and outcome of your work.

We don’t seek quick wins. We craft, construct and create value by balancing risk with reward. This approach is why we are so well-respected within the finance industry. We have a leading global research network with broad, bottom-up asset class coverage, global aggregation and top-down forecasting by sector and region, and macro and quant research.

At Fidelity, the work you do will influence change and actually make people's dreams achievable. It is worthwhile work, and you too will grow along the way. The

Life at Fidelity and our values

Our people care about your development and are always willing to help; we’re all pulling in the same direction. With offices across the world and a commitment to diversity & inclusion, Fidelity is a truly global business. We choose to be active members of the communities we serve, through charity work and social entrepreneurship. We pride ourselves on our ability to make people feel at home, hence the longevity in people’s careers at Fidelity.

Our values:


We take personal responsibility for always acting in the best interests of our clients. The client is at the heart of all we do, a value that goes far beyond our client facing employees and is paramount in every department and country we work in.


We believe in being willing to experiment with new and better ways to serve our customers. We pride ourselves on intelligent risk taking and rewarding those who take the initiative to introduce fresh ideas and original thinking.


Fidelity employees strive to be the best whilst knowing that continuous improvement means we will get better each time. Our culture of excellence means that we will always aim for the best client outcomes and to be supportive of our colleagues.

Apprenticeship Programmes at Fidelity International

We pride ourselves that each and every Apprenticeship programme we offer is diverse and rewarding and will recognise and develop your skills, helping you fulfil your potential and prepare for your future, all whilst earning a competitive salary and receiving excellent benefits. Our Apprentice intake each year is relatively small at around 10 to 15 Apprentices - which allows us to offer a greater focus and attention to your development, which we also believe sets us apart from our competitors.

Our programme is aimed at recent school, sixth form or college leavers who are looking to start their career with a real alternative to university. At Fidelity International, we have been passionate about taking on Apprentices since 2007 and have seen them go from strength to strength. We now offer our widest variety of programmes and our largest intake than ever before, all with specialist plans around helping you launch your career in the asset management industry. Ninety-six per cent of our Apprentices hired to date have gone on to secure permanent roles with us, with some having progressed to hold specialist and management positions in as little as two years after finishing their respective programme, including some who are now working internationally in Hong Kong and managing global teams. Provided you stay on track with your development, you can realistically expect your starting salary to double within three to four years.

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