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About Cooke Optics Ltd

For 100 years, Cooke has been at the centre of the filmmaking business. We’ve been listening to the community of which we are a part. We lead by introducing new products such as Technology, and we remember our success is built on a simple idea - do what the filmmaker needs. 

Our factory in Leicester, England has generations from the same family working side by side. That experience is un-beaten anywhere. We manufacture a full range of primes and zooms for 35mm, digital and Super 16mm photography, plus a range of large format stills lenses. 

We know our customers, and they know us, as individuals. Our rental partners do their training next to the craftsman who built their lenses. There are no barriers. We meet our customers at our factory, at trade events, distributors and rental houses and of course on the set. 

We’re intolerant when it comes to tolerances. We research continuously to drive innovation. Our lenses are dependable and practical in use on the set, our optics superb. The lenses are straightforward to maintain – which is why so many rental facilities carry our products. Our manufacturing and testers keep going until we get each lens within our very tight specification. We get it right, whatever it takes. 

At the heart of what makes Cooke special is the “Cooke Look”. The Cooke Look is about the science of creating beautiful images for the motion picture industry. 

As a result, for over a century, cinematographers have chosen Cooke lenses for a smooth roundness and dimensionality to the picture and for the velvety skin tones that flatter. 

The Cooke Legacy:

For over a century, wherever films have been made, Cooke has been there with Scott and Shackleton at the South Pole, at the top of Mount Everest and in the deepest ocean, 
at Royal weddings and major ceremonial events, on ornithological and scientific expeditions, 
In the service of NATO on the ground, and at the edge of the atmosphere, In the world's television networks, and on location with many, many films, Cooke lenses have stunningly documented the history of the 20th century, captured the natural wonders of our world and been integral to making films from the very beginning.

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