Tutor/assessor at Interserve Learning and Employment

Start Date:
Programme Type:
Apprenticeship - Advanced Level (Level 3)
Review Date:
July 2020

Review Score


1. Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis:


I teach and assess early years qualifications and functional skills qualifications.

2. Have you learnt any new skills or developed existing skills?


I have learnt about time management theory and how to ensure I am getting a better work life balance

3. To what extent do you enjoy your programme?


It’s informative and supportive. I find it useful to my daily role and also aspirations for the future.

4. How well organised/structured is your programme?


Very well. I was given a clear timetable and an overview of the units and scheme of work prior to commencement.

5. How much support do you receive from your employer?


My manager has done this qualification and give me ample opportunities to learn and time to complete off the job each week.

6. How much support do you receive from your training provider when working towards your qualifications?


My assessor is informed and supportive in sessions and schedules one to ones.

7. How well do you feel that your qualification (through your training provider) helps you to perform better in your role?


Time a management and prioritising work. Support for my well-being is given.

8. Are there extra-curricular activities to get involved in at your work? (For example, any social activities, sports teams, or even professional networking events.)


I have not been on the course long enough to say yet.

9a. Would you recommend Interserve Learning and Employment to a friend?


9b. Why?

It is supportive, personalised and informative. I come out of sessions feeling I have learnt something new and it encourages me to challenge perspectives and gain insight. I am valued as an individual and the assessor is adaptive and responsive. I know what I am doing every step of the way.

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to Interserve Learning and Employment?

Do it now! Set time aside to do the practical and you will learn a lot.

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